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  1. No offence but me and Frosty have a full time job to attend to, and I am still here working at work as I type this. You will receive your items, but please be patient, we have a lot on our plate. We are trying our best to attend to everything...
  2. Apologies, was so busy forgot the dmg numbers :') Thanks Chris!
  3. I have been looking at the servers with Frosty, We have installed the following to help: Stackmemore Tek Helper We have not installed the upgrade station yet due to a few reasons, we may install it at a later date. We have fixed a minor issue causing players to be lost in the cluster. This was happening as the file sync was every 15 seconds causing a problem that if you uploaded your survivor and the sync happened just before the download it would replace your character with a 0byte file. In relation to the water issue we do see that it drains quicker, but I believe this due to standard stats now. Frosty has slowed down water drain and it should be better now. We updated the mod collection here also : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400
  4. Again I will be looking at the small minor problems with water etc today with Frosty. Can you let me what mods that are absent are causing frustration?
  5. We will check in to this later today. I note the requirement for a stacking mod and we may replace the backpack mod with a stacking mod. AS for consumption of water, I believe that is due to the way that we used the original character enhancements to weight, harvesting etc. WE will review this soon DMG numbers may have been part of a mod, but I don't see it a massive concern. I will see if I can find out more about it. The upgrade station I do not see as a must have. It's nice but currently is not needed in any way, we used the upgrade station on the previous server as a end game ability. No one is near end game yet so I will not be installing it and I do not know our view as I haven't communicated this with the management team yet. PLEASE NOTE, WE will not install classic flyers just yet due to the huge amount of bugs with the mod, we want a stable server. We will take a vote upon this seperately next week. In relation to other mods we may not put them back until we have discussed as a management team, again we want a stable server, piling on unnecessary mods causing slow downs / conflicts and longer load time for players. We want everyone to have the best experience. So we need to find that balance. AFTER today I will not be around for the rest of the week and will be back at the weekend / next week so some things may not get resolved till then.
  6. Hi Guys, As of this post: We have chatted with the community and we have been working to create a better server. (AS frosty says, tirelessly through the night) - at this moment we are chatting on discord. A few things to note about the new servers: Clustering - Is in beta but working, Please note if when you transfer and your survivor doesn't show right away give it 30 seconds and try and download again. We have installed the following mods to begin with, we will add mod's through suggestions as previously, BUT we will be going through all bug reports and will be checking better to see if any conflicts exist so we do not have an issue with the map as previously. Structures Plus Death Recovery Mod Taming Sedative Backpack We have also updated our mod pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400 Stacking Mod - We have left this out currently due to the fact we can not find a mod without any issues reported. If you can help find a working / better mod let us know Classic Flyers - WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED THIS YET. Due to the following bug reports: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/895711211/133261369999910543/ If the community still wants to go ahead and install classic flyers please say below, we just don't want to cause any issues to dinos by installing the mod. Please read the bug reports to see if installing it will affect your game experience. Levelling - Is standard currently, a few reasons to this, I do not want to copy our badly designed level structure, if we are editing levels we need to make the levelling structure better and more balanced than before. Dino Levels - Are standard currently due to the fact normal levelling is in place. I'm sure this will change in time GAIA - For the next week or so this is disabled till I can properly review this. We may continue it, we may remove it. Depends what people want. It's a hefty weight to our server resources but I do not mind keeping it but we will be doing the same but adding GAIA on as well as the other mods chosen. SERVER MAINTENANCE & REBOOT - This has now been changed to run at 12 at night and also 12 midday to ensure the servers update mods and have a good restart when necessary We want to provide the most stable experience in ARK and we really hope you understand why we have only selected certain mods to begin with. We will be adding more but at the same time we want to ensure that it doesn't cause us another issue like before.
  7. So the time has come, I'm working to get the new servers online today. Please note the following: I will only be picking 3 - 4 mods to begin with. Mods may be added in the future I will keep the old game data if anyone wants a download PM me and I'll send you the map I will only get the new servers online if clustering works I will release the list of mods and more information when ready.
  8. The new servers are currently under development, I will report back with news as it is available. Please note that while they are under active development, this does not mean they will be deployed today.
  9. Hi Jake, Welcome to JR, what brought you back ? And why did you join JR to begin with ? I've noticed you around discord more alright sorry I haven't said anything to you yet been so busy with work and other commitments. Hope you enjoy JR and continue to converse with the community 😀
  10. Guys, Its been a week, we don't want to fully rush things and as I stated to @Snowball privately I wouldn't have time till the start of the week to make any more movement. You guys have to understand I work a full 40 hour a week job have many more responsibilities than just JR. JR of course has admins to help at any times they can but we all have a life. I'd understand if this was dragged out 2, 3 weeks without any staff input on the topic but we have been posting when we have chance. Restarting an entire ark cluster isn't a two second job. I have many checks internally to complete before I do this as I want to ensure this does not happen again. Please stay patient our new ARK servers will be operational at some point during the start of next week i imagine. Just remember i pay big money for our servers out of my back pocket and we work on JR when possible. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and I hope you can understand this. JR isn't a quick and easy thing to run, to run correctly I do more behind the scenes than people actually are aware. We run Linux servers for a reason but that also complicates some things. Things aren't like your computer such as clicking one button to install things. There is a lot of automation to keep things running while I am away and this has to be all setup before things are put in place. As for this week it took me a few days to sort a serious issue on our servers that caused major issues with how our servers were running. In relation to this ARK install I want to make things easier for our admins to manage the server so I will be looking at a new way of integrating ARK in to our panel. This will take a few days in it self of testing to ensure everything works as intended. Please again remain patient we will be working very hard on this when I get back so JR ARK will exceed your expectations and be a way better experience than in the past few weeks
  11. In relation to the current plan half seemingly going ahead. Could I ask what 3 mods you guys think we should have on the reset, We will start with 3 mods (as long as the management team agrees). Please let me know your thoughts on the 3 most valuable mods. We will add more in the future. Please note also we will be highly looking at these mods for any issues, if they have any issues they will not be used on JR
  12. We can attempt to spawn in but we can not guarantee exact like for like levelling, this is due to ARK, not us. Also in relation to this we will have to create a topic that users can put screen shots of their 5 or so chosen Dinos to keep.
  13. As users were unable to change their vote on the Poll if you'd like to change your vote to enable us to move forward please post a yes or no below and any other queries or requests in relation to this so we can move forward with a improved finalised plan
  14. Welcome Wraith !

  15. Welcome to JR :)