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  1. New server suggestion

    I'll let you fight the map and mods out @BloodOrange @Emma. As for the map i think volcano would be better as crystal island when we put it on, no one wanted to play
  2. New server suggestion

    Love the idea if other people want it I'm all for it
  3. Due to a few issues with the Island map it reset, we have moved the old map to a new server instance as new players were playing on the reset map. This means the old Island map is on a seperate server and that can be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list/ We are still figuring out the cause of constant wipes, it seems to be a mod, we are trying to figure out what mod though. Leave it with me I'll eventually have it sorted
  4. 5 word story (reboot)

    linux powered desktop that could
  5. Network Downtime

    Due to a issue with two datacenters we are hosted in by OVH our services remained offline for a period of a few hours. We are really sorry if this caused any disruption to your website hosted with us or time played with us. We are glad to get back online and hopefully a similar incident does not occur again. - Jamie
  6. Ragnarok empty

    Was this sorted? Sorry I've been moving house and jobs and havent checked in to it? If not I'll get chris to have a look. Sorry for the wait on this :? Downloading a backup to upload to the server now, give me around 30 minutes to sort this out and you will get everything back again. Really sorry about this. It;s a mod we are trying to figure out why it does this. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. - Jamie
  7. Ark - the beautiful island empty

    Sorry about this, sorted now
  8. Ark - the beautiful island empty

    I'll check in to see if this was fixed. If not ill fix it, sorry for the hassle. I'm trying to currently pin what is causing this down.
  9. Ragnarok Problem

    It seems to be caused by ARK its self or a mod. I'm trying to figure it out but don't have much time. N.B I've asked for support from ARK themselves but they haven't really gave me any answer
  10. Ark - the beautiful island

    This looks awesome, nice one @Frank T Hack
  11. Hi guys, Our Ragnarok map corrupted this morning again *you have to love ARK*. I have reverted the map back to the latest save before the roll back. I'm very sorry for the fact it took so long, I was out on interviews today and couldn't get back to sort things. I'll be watching it for the next few days to make sure this won't happen. If it does please rage on Discord to me / chris. Thanks, Jamie
  12. Theives Island is now online with our ARK Servers. We hope you enjoy the new map Make sure you download the map from our Modpack which you can find here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400 We hope you like this new experience. To join this server please visit our game servers: https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list/
  13. Hey Jamie 

    some Workshop update needed on the Ark Island Server.

    thx for the update


  14. Hi Guys, Recently we have recently released a new version of our servers application, this has allowed us to check statistics on each server so we can see what is working and what is not working. This is a brilliant help for us as it helps us decide what we will do with our resources and our servers.Due to inactivity we have decided to do the following: Change the center to Thieves Island Remove near vanilla, it was a interest experiment but wasn't popular. We are looking at a survival plus server but before we do this we are figuring out a few things of how this will work. These changes will happen rather soon, we hope you enjoy the change to the center and hope you continue to enjoy our servers, I am very sorry for not keeping people up to date lately, Work has got me so busy. Thanks a million to Chris for keeping things running
  15. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I will look at setting this up soon.

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