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  1. Suggestions pack

    Interesting post. I think factions would be cool and a interesting concept but it depends if we'd have the time or the man power to code it. We have a lot going on currently at the moment. Is their any plugins to do what you want us to do. I'll look further into starmade modding soon to see what we could accomplish but if we do have to code the mod from scratch it would take a lot of time and then would it be worth it for 10+ users on maybe. There is a lot to weigh up if it's worth us putting the time and code in. -Jamie
  2. Ragnarok empty

    Unfortunately no, due to the fact the other servers are tied to the update system and it becomes even more work than fixing it manually. I will be looking at this every morning to see if it happens and ill be trying to find a solution soon.
  3. Ragnarok empty

    I have left a topic on the ARK forums about this. It's frustrating as you can tell. I'm working the hardest as possible. It's not a JR bug though, it is a ARK bug, we are working on it though.
  4. Ragnarok empty

    Looking in to this now. Seems to be a bug - Jamie This has been sorted, We are looking further in to the issue, seems like a server update is causing the map to be strangely wiped. This has happened before but our current way of fixing it that worked before has become in effective. It's a annoying ARK but that the devs know about but havent sorted. - Jamie
  5. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I'm not sure about adding tons of mods to a server like this. If we want to keep to a more vanilla experience adding things to make it easier I don't believe will be a good idea. What do others think?
  6. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Like the idea, would love to see what other players think
  7. Near vanilla feedback

    We will be setting up a server for the upcoming dlc don't worry
  8. Near vanilla feedback

    @BloodOrange Can I hear your feedback mate, you rated but need to know what you think things should be? Thanks, Jamie
  9. Destiny 2 coming

    Should I bother is the question. Destiny 1 killed me, I loved Bungie from Halo and when Destiny was released I was so hyped when I realized the story was non-existent I gave up.
  10. Hey guys, Recently we were made aware of a bug causing Near Vanilla to not boot. This has been sorted. The issue was caused by one of our restart scripts not executing properly The last few updates weren't logged so the last recent updates are below. Current Version: v268.2 - Increased Phoenix weight-carrying capacity by +200%, made Sulfur add +200% more food to Phoenix, reduced Phoenix Food consumption rates by 60%, increased Phoenix fire DoT by +200% - Made Phoenix Flame-Charge ability use dynamic key binding (so will work if Jump key is bound to something other than 'Spacebar'), and work with gamepad input - Increased client-side UI performance of large scrollable lists (inventory item lists, engram list, server list, etc). v268.13 - Made Phoenix 3x more common to find on Scorched Earth. Requires Server Update. v268.12 - Increased Phoenix base HP by 50%. Requires Server Update. v268.11 - New Creature: Phoenix! - Fixed some UI text display/alignment issues - Client-side CPU performance increase
  11. This stuff is amazing, you need to make more. How about we gave you a scenario and you create something for it?
  12. Did you ever think of storyboards/comics?
  13. We are still looking at ways to make the experience better, we will look in to this.
  14. 5 word story (reboot)

    , but equally as funny as
  15. Shop request

    You can manually edit any merchandise to add what you want (I added this ages ago) So you can add moderator etc
  16. Ragnarok Server Issues

    Chris I believe was worrying what I'd say about this. At least he has learnt how to sort this next time Well done on fixing it Chris.
  17. Unnamed Philosophy: Intro

    With currently 171,128 views on your blog, I'd recommend to start. Can't wait to read what you have
  18. Ark server usage poll

    No harm installing a map to test it out, if people love it great. If they don't easily removed!
  19. 5 word story (reboot)

    to blow up a balloon
  20. New mod

    I totally do agree with this.
  21. Killing floor 2 server

    As for perks etc, I need to know what these perks are. Remember I'm brand new to KF2 so I have no idea. Thanks
  22. Killing floor 2 server

    We have done a normal server for the meantime. I'm looking at setting up a custom server as well when I get time. Question is though what would you like to see on a custom server? I need some ideas on this so I can work out something (KF2 is new to me)
  23. We are working hard to bring really good quality servers, So we have brought our Killing Floor 2 & StarMade to JR! Killing Floor 2 We are testing Killing Floor 2 with the gamemode Versus Survival, there is up to 12 players to play and you can start playing when 2 players join. We will be possibly bringing another Killing Floor 2 server soon with a standard game mode too. We are interested to hear your thoughts on our KF2 Server. To connect click this link: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:5436 Star Made With StarMade we have just setup a vanilla server, if you have any suggestions please reply below. We will be opening a suggestions area for it soon. To connect join the IP: vaiken.jrnetwork.net:4242 (You can find us in the StarMade server list also!) We are working hard to add both servers to our list, we are having a small few issues we are resolving so the new servers can join. If you have any issues with either game please raise a support ticket at our Support Center https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ Enjoy
  24. This is top class stuff. I have promoted this for you as you deserve some credit for what you can do. Keep it up @SpencerCain
  25. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    @Chris I believe everyone is transfered over? If so can you announce the closing of the server on the MOTD of the old server and give it 2 days. Also post a news article for me?

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