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  1. Welcome Spartan ;) See you on the battlefield soldier!

  2. Nice mate, what networking hardware are you using ? Send us a pic, I want a clean tidy setup spartan !
  3. Jamie

    Adding Chest Shops

    We did have this up till the 2nd last major update which is broke. We can bring this back as long as the plugin works to support it unless the community really doesn't want it added back
  4. Jamie

    Well done Miri for been the top player on our minecraft server this month ! :D

  5. Today, we decided to view a few of the members work on the server and also pray at the church of @N3RV3 (as well as take donations from you all ! ). @N3RV3 has done an amazing job at spawn. I have left a few images here but I'd recommend you experience it yourself We are going to have a build event next week, with maybe a competition Watch this space!
  6. From the album: New Spawn

  7. From the album: New Spawn

  8. Jamie

    Welcome :D

  9. To continue with our commitment of updating our website and services we have made the following changes and bug fixes. We will be adding more features soon, so keep watch ! New Features New server page for each server When you click on each server at (https://jrnetwork.net/servers) it'll have a complete page of information / rules / updates / top players and also a list of online players. This is to make it easier to understand each server and see information easily. We are still adding this information to most servers and will be making it more friendly looking soon. Top players this month This used to be the top players this month by server. This has changed to show top players over all our games. Please note you will only gather this data or show this data when you connect your steam / minecraft account to JR. Please note also your privacy settings on steam also need to allow this. Bug fixes Fixed bugs with some SQL queries causing big load Stopped reward transactions for users that did not have a registered account
  10. We have pushed a few bug fixes to our minecraft server and updated to the latest build You can now chat again within the server, there was a bug with our chat plugin that was just patched.
  11. I had a xfx 7770 and I loved it back in the day. How's it performing for the games you play?
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