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    Jamie reacted to Emma in Changes To ARK   
    Amazing, good job guys! Can't wait to try out the new map 😍
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    Jamie got a reaction from IAMSNOWMAN in New ARK Servers   
    No offence but me and Frosty have a full time job to attend to, and I am still here working at work as I type this. You will receive your items, but please be patient, we have a lot on our plate. We are trying our best to attend to everything...
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    Jamie got a reaction from Chris in New ARK Servers   
    Apologies, was so busy forgot the dmg numbers :')
    Thanks Chris!
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    Jamie reacted to Chris in New ARK Servers   
    I've found this setting (which should be a default imo) and added it to the server config files. It should take affect upon the next restart
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    Jamie reacted to Cythion in Minecraft Event   
    Very unexpected. Thank you. It usually takes me A lot of time and changes to come up with a build idea. I implemented a couple things I had Built in some of the past survival servers here in JRCraft Along with some of the updates I like. I'm glad JR is around and thanks to all the staff who has been so helpful when I'm in need of assistance, as well as the long time friends I've made here and I hope JrCraft is around for along time to come. I like all the plugins and mods the Minecraft server has and all the benefits.
    Sincerely,  Gerald (Cythion)
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    Jamie reacted to Emma in New ARK Server?!?!   
    I don't think it's a good idea to do gaia on every server. I reckon people would want a gaia free server lol. As for myself, I don't want the volcano server deleted, I think it's a great map and the gaia just fits so well
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    Jamie got a reaction from MarcusFaren in Kibble Mod?!   
    Sounds good @MarcusFaren
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    Jamie reacted to MarcusFaren in Ark Changes 02/03   
    Thank you for up dino =D
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    Jamie reacted to Wez Donohoe in JRTV - Submit Your Videos!   
    Really looking forward to this
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    Jamie reacted to toxic in Giveaway: Are we mental?   
    i mean 10 sorry 10 is a f1 car
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    Jamie reacted to Emma in Giveaway: Are we mental?   
    3. no? xD
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    Jamie reacted to Mackan - in Giveaway: Are we mental?   
    2. 500
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    Jamie reacted to Frank T Hack in Ark Island Server   
    YaY Quetzal Spawn today 
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    Jamie reacted to .vimto. in New Server - Ragnarok Near Vanilla!   
    Hey guys hows it going, Just been on the server and was thinking my only concern is the player level cap, i think u could put the stats to normal with that level cap or make it the official level cap but with the stats how they are now but also with boosted engrams per level so you can learn all engrams i.e at level 100 you receive a bunch of engrams to learn everything or could just have boosted engrams per level. Just so it feels more official and we cant run around like the flash i personally think it brings the challenge of the game back but just without the mad grind or aggravation of official servers.
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    Jamie got a reaction from Silverwing in Ragnarok Server Issues   
    Chris I believe was worrying what I'd say about this. At least he has learnt how to sort this next time
    Well done on fixing it Chris.
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    Jamie reacted to gbazionis in ARK Survival Evolved 264.52   
    Whooo! Many fixes! Well done!
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    Jamie got a reaction from Frank T Hack in ARK Survival Evolved 264.2   
    I am not sure if it has happened today but I'll be looking in to moving things to the new server either today or tomorrow. Getting things ready right now. As for the problem its annoying but we are looking in to what is causing it.
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    Jamie reacted to Wishy in The Attack - What we have done   
    Glad something's been done this quick :DD 
    New server seems great and I really hope this isn't going to happen again.
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    Jamie reacted to Thigas in JR Ark PVP - It's coming   
    i love pvp servers guys lets try this one and make a good server for all of us
    and i will rekt all btw ^^ hhahaha joke
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    Jamie reacted to N3RV3 in JR Ark PVP - It's coming   
    As i mentioned before. i really look forward to this. should be a fun experience as long as the community works together (as in no trash talk). I agree with my friends that it should have high rates for taming/breeding and resource gathering. since it's pvp you're expected to lose both buildings and dinos so the high rates would help encourage people to rebuild instead of giving up.

    Mod suggestions that come to mind are Bore Water Kit - so people can build wherever they like instead of being stuck to a water source. Mini Industrial Forge so that you can build comfortably without having to house a huge Forge around your base. As Jonesy mentioned a meat spoiler would be useful as well, and maybe Utilities Plus would be useful as well.
    I do not recommend kibble table or the tek stuff from S+. reason for this being that Tek should still remain something that can be achieved through hard work and dedication not an easy thing. Plus the kibble table even though useful, not necessarily important as if the taming rates are high kibble won't be needed, not to mention dinos will die at some point so no use in trying to get a perfect dino if it'll eventually get killed. 

    Apart from all that i do believe that the structure damage rates should be changed. During the week it should be made more difficult to do structure damage and during the weekend it should be made easier. Reason is most people work during the week which leaves them extremely vulnerable to attacks, and even though all is fair in war it still doesn't make sense to attack someone who is at work. which is why if someone decides to still attack an offline person, this way they would have to use a whole lot of resources to do it, while during the weekend most people could be online and as such it would be the best opportunity for raids and defence. I do not think offline raid protection makes sense due to the reason that if there is a two man tribe and one of them is working, the other cannot log on to farm or build as that would leave him vulnerable to attacks and makes him a much easier target. The reasoning behind my suggestions is to keep pvp as fair as possible, so not everyone would agree with me which is fine, but offline raiding or having a large tribe attacking a one man tribe is just pure cowardice in my opinion.
    Thanks again.
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    Jamie reacted to Harpik in JR Ark PVP - It's coming   
    If its 1 month only server than rates minimum x10 exp/harvest  x20 breeding maturation taming
    reduced respawn radius for resources to 0.1
    gamma disabled is a must 
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    Jamie reacted to Isotopes in Ark Survival Evolved: The Fall of Annuaki   
    Sorry to say I was one of the people who was against the mod, I'm sorry to anyone who really wanted it, I know it must suck to have it and then have it taken away like that and I really sincerely apologise for any additional effort on the server teams part to revert the changes, I just really was not comfortable with the lava lamp disco dino's I found after seeing this go live.

    I'm really happy to see the quick response from Jamie and that future mods will be polled, that's just another sign of what a great community you have here at JR Network.
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    Jamie got a reaction from IAMSNOWMAN in Ark: Survival Evolved Update   
    I'll look in to the max taming on dino levels. what would you recommend? As for ragnarok I'll take a look at this and we may start a server for it.
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    Jamie reacted to commanderAIK in Revamp Changelog   
    The changes look great. Nice to see we are trying to start up again!
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