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    building making friends helping people out and roleplaying

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  1. Hello People Of the Jr Network This topic is to just Inform you all That I`m On The server More And If Your Looking For a Great Friend You Can Always Look Up to me I Am Also Some One who Would Love To Help ANYONE Build Anything So You Guys Can Always Look Up To Me. -Sincerely StancherHades i hope i can get alot of people to be my friends here Oh yeah Once Again Switchy thanks for the help on posting
  2. Hello i thought it would be cool to add the Chair Plugin Back in the server the one Where U Right click a stair and i makes you sit down im sure others would like to see this too.
  3. hope i can ever get helper

  4. really wanting premuim

    1. Karim


      Then vote or donate ;)

  5. Welcome to JR, StancherHades! :) This is your profile's feed / comment section, which you can use much like a status update on Facebook or Twitter! If you link your JR account to your Twitter/Facebook accounts, you can even update your status across those networks if you'd like to!


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