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  1. I made my profile picture.

    1. Jamie


      It's kinda cool :P

  2. Just got my house fixed, :D I'm happy now!

  3. I need a little help... ._. plz

  4. My first Minecraft dog's name was 'Pippy' :3

  5. Gloomy at the site of my terrible idea of a stupid suggestion!

  6. I was thinking Maybe JRcraft can have a another server if not a bad idea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A beach server to hang out and chill with friends just for the fun of it To enjoy and relax, I know it's possible in creative server but its kinda boring then, so my idea was to make a place with World Edit and stuff to create a beach ! You must think this idea sounds good, in other ways If a beach is too big, it could be a community pool with all that other jazz So yeah, Maybe a beach or pool and my suggestions to the train plugin, hope that gets a good answer !
  7. I need to be more awesome... -.- I know what i must do...

    1. Karim
    2. k2trf


      Try gamefly free for one month using the code 'JOKE' on their site, in the corner? XD

  8. interesting topic, I can remember the last time I had a virus... 5 months ago maybe hur dur |:3
  9. After reading this and these comments... I wonder XD But I must be offline now, tomorrow is a new day and there will be new players joining, hopefully