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  1. I made my profile picture.

    1. Jamie


      It's kinda cool :P

  2. I need a little help... ._. plz

  3. I was thinking Maybe JRcraft can have a another server if not a bad idea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A beach server to hang out and chill with friends just for the fun of it To enjoy and relax, I know it's possible in creative server but its kinda boring then, so my idea was to make a place with World Edit and stuff to create a beach ! You must think this idea sounds good, in other ways If a beach is too big, it could be a community pool with all that other jazz So yeah, Maybe a beach or pool and my suggestions to the train plugin, hope that gets a good answer !
  4. I need to be more awesome... -.- I know what i must do...

  5. interesting topic, I can remember the last time I had a virus... 5 months ago maybe hur dur |:3
  6. After reading this and these comments... I wonder XD But I must be offline now, tomorrow is a new day and there will be new players joining, hopefully
  7. Haha!! im like the main sister of the family almost, intrestin' stuff, eh?
  8. Love the idea!!! but are you sure your up for sending t-shirts to who knows how many people all across the world? just giving you some things to think about :3 not stopping you or the idea. still its nice idea I wonder what the t-shirts would look like :3
  9. Hey Everyone, I feel that JRCraft's members Are like One HUGE family That's somewhat how we act when we greet eachother! That's because JRcraft is a family friendly server and we are most likely a family!!! Comment down below what type of family member you are! dad/mom/brother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle/bestie/friend/pet/close member/etc! any age! Your choice! Our family likes are just high as the sky! were only members to keep JRcraft together and have fun! like I said, We stick together as a Family, MAN!!! Those are my last words on this topic! enjoy and comment and UNDERSTAND , Thank you
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