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  1. I was thinking Maybe JRcraft can have a another server if not a bad idea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A beach server to hang out and chill with friends just for the fun of it To enjoy and relax, I know it's possible in creative server but its kinda boring then, so my idea was to make a place with World Edit and stuff to create a beach ! You must think this idea sounds good, in other ways If a beach is too big, it could be a community pool with all that other jazz So yeah, Maybe a beach or pool and my suggestions to the train plugin, hope that gets a good answer !
  2. interesting topic, I can remember the last time I had a virus... 5 months ago maybe hur dur |:3
  3. After reading this and these comments... I wonder XD But I must be offline now, tomorrow is a new day and there will be new players joining, hopefully
  4. Haha!! im like the main sister of the family almost, intrestin' stuff, eh?
  5. Love the idea!!! but are you sure your up for sending t-shirts to who knows how many people all across the world? just giving you some things to think about :3 not stopping you or the idea. still its nice idea I wonder what the t-shirts would look like :3
  6. Hey Everyone, I feel that JRCraft's members Are like One HUGE family That's somewhat how we act when we greet eachother! That's because JRcraft is a family friendly server and we are most likely a family!!! Comment down below what type of family member you are! dad/mom/brother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle/bestie/friend/pet/close member/etc! any age! Your choice! Our family likes are just high as the sky! were only members to keep JRcraft together and have fun! like I said, We stick together as a Family, MAN!!! Those are my last words on this topic! enjoy and comment and UNDERSTAND , Thank you
  7. I for some reason are not aloud to use /tpahere :/ like others can, I think...
  8. haha, true but still, I get suspicious about things I want some people to know just incase
  9. Hey, Hello and hi, ( 9:39 PM Night Time, 10/7.2013 I was wandering through the warps on Creative server and there was a new member, whom was named ttt141 X3 He said he was inspecting the server for some company >:U I said "umm, why?... XD" and then he told me "please use proper grammar" then I kinda wanted to punch his brain out because I got a bit mad, so then I used "proper grammar" anyway :/ Then he said "may I tpa" which I let him and then he also said "I will take a few screenshots" I asked why he was inspecting, and how odd, because its to give the server a rating on the website... im still not sure what he meant by "company" but ill research more as a play, hope to have the topic viewed!
  10. Hey people! Serena here wondering what I shall do in the future for I am such a NOOB!... No not really, but I hope my "member title" changes to something better Its really boring having it knows as "Newbie" I don't know what when who where or why I am posting this topic... but still I'm just bored 😕 Give me suggestions of what I can build... play... do... listen to... *wind blows* Ok but then again, I love my people! idk... not my people, but im just as awesome as all of you people who may be reading this here topic! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *random spaz moment* but hey, I cant help it! well that's just me and my bored mind, blank, BLANK! BLAANNKK!!!!! no... sorry... good bye! ((topic written at 10:17 PM / 10/6/2013 THANK YOU!!!! BTW I think for Christmas holiday, JRcraft should try to do some special theme if able, not saying it has to be done but just a suggestion, LOVE YA ALL AND GOOD NIGHT!!!
  11. YouTube... Has many issues that haven't always been fixed, that is a truly true truth!
  12. serena17


    You have quite a point there, my friend!
  13. serena17

    Train Plugin

    It allows Minecarts to connect, like a train or rollercoaster ride Hope JRcraft can get it, it would mean a lot
  14. I actualy hate when my laptop is being slow and when my phone dies quickly, also when there's nothing to eat that has to do with sugar xD aanndd when I have to go to places (im a 'stay at home' kinda person)
  15. Just as i got done doing the daily old 'doing dishes and cleaning' i decided to take a trip to the mall. When I got there,it was packed full of people! "Must be a huge sale" I said to myself, and then i saw a new shop opening, that may just be the problem of all the people. As i pushed through the crouds and saw an arcade, then at that moment i remembered that weird nightmare/dream. I stood there in deep thought,and then BAM, my one friend pops up in my face and starts showing me all these shoes and dresses she bought, and most of it coated in nyan glitter, as you know me quite a tomboy-ish girl,"looks cool" I said in a light tone, i just took small peaks into crouded stores shops and barely glanced at all the random snack stands, I was just plain boring and bored,my one best friend cought me sneaking out of the mall exit, she dragged me to this clothing shop, it was sick with glitter and sparkle,and honestly i almost passed out. As the horror of all the girlyness went on,i quick made a run for it while noone noticed, and i zoomed through the exit and ran home. This story is now at its end, but if you want to read more, just reply/comment or give some ideas and Crazy at the mall shall be continued
  16. Dont you hate it when: When Your laptop overheats When All the cookies are gone :3 When you miss-spell a word When you drop your phone When you end up taking a cold shower When you have to go somewhere you dont want to, When your late for something important When your computer crashes When the electricity goes out When your pet barks/hisses at nothing When your neighborse are noisy,lolz When its night time :/ When your popcorn is burnt When you have to clean your room Dats all i could think of xD
  17. Serena17 (nickname):Serena Im that awesome gurl that chu met. Im that person who always mentioned her bookslaping abilities. Im the one whom always made that adorable face. I am the great amazing Serena.im the one that used to wear nerdy glasses. Im the kind hearted and caring girl. I am absolutely hilarious and good at making nonsence.im the one who started RolePlay,im the one who created Serena,i am...that girl who you love...Serena of JRcraft- Love is Action and Justice For All and Freedom indeed!
  18. The next chapter has finaly come!!! As i was searching the mall,everything was dark,i walked into the arcade it had,and I took a look at all the games.the arcade was old,dusty,and shutdown mostly.you are probably thinking:why the heck would i go in there?!) but I still explored,i saw a broken gumball machine,it was empty and mostly the mall seemed just abandoned, i started to shiver as i found this dream a dream not at all,it was more like a nightmare! I was so scared,and blank thought aswell. I realy pinched myself to try to wake up from the horrifying nightmare,everything was blackening and getting gray. I realy wanted to go but im asleep and awake,so basically i thought. Thinking was starting to hurt,and then- i wake up breathing heavily. I was so relieved that i woke up,and nothing like a good early morning to start with,i was just so happy! I desided to make pancakes and coffee for breakfast,and hope to never again face such a nightmare at the mall! There will be a new chapter soon!
  19. This is a made up fiction! Enjoy! I was at the mall one day and i realized this shop, it had cool video games,i ran inside. There were tons of different consoles and game discs to chose from, I was like "omigursh!!!" As I looked through the game section,i smelled pretzels,don't let that get to you!!! I stood there enjoying myself and looking at everything,but dem dere pretzels were to good to not be eaten,i actualy bought one! And dang was it yummy! So i finished and walked around the mall,i noticed a girl from my school,at that moment i also noticed my best friend was hanging out with her,and man i felt rage! It was a sissy bossy mama's girl! She is spoiled and cant even pay for herself! She can't even order her own food! I stood there melting in my thoughts, i was realy mad... So then i just walked away pushing the thought away aswell,i rode the subway home,i sighed and went up to my room i had nothing to do but just sleep or else play Xbox or on my Laptop,instead i went to bed early and i woke up instantly,it was weird,i noticed i was dreaming and tryed to snap out of it,it wouldn't work so i explored the releprica mall i was in. As i walked I knew I was in the same mall as i was yesterday or so . And it seemed creepy because nobody was there. This story will be continued! I have alot to think about yet
  20. I acsendently spammed my one topic... It's my iPhones falt! It was being very slow so im going to try not to rush it Also it was like that horrible lag you get on minecraft I just hope my phone won't be stupid again And Im gonna try to find out how to post pictures...
  21. Is it gold/budder or diamonds that players value? It's actualy both,any ore/ingot is good and useful! Do players value there dogs more then close players? Mostly it's there dog, even in minecraft you can love animals

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