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  1. i hope i can keep on top of this blog. i don't really have any specific things i write about, so it'll range from news to happenings in my average life! let's start this one off with a little about myself, shall we? i'm a 19 y/o music producing, art arting, minecraft playing, anime loving, game playing, awesome member of the JRcraft server! if you want to know more about the whole music thingy, i started when i was really little, messing around with the piano and saying to myself "oh! that sounded cool!" when i was a little older, i got my first little casio keyboard with a layer setting where i could blend layers on top of each other to make a song. nowadays, i have my own microKORG synth, FLstudio program, and everything else need to make awesome music stuffs. if you wanna check out my music submissions (like, 2% of them XD ), you can go to and follow me there!
  2. i'm going to try making some posts... i hope i can upload some things everyone likes XD

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