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  1. If you are really a devoted TF2 player, then you would enjoy playing on the JRTX gaming servers (from all maps servers to MVM servers to Dodgeball servers etc, which you can ofc hop from one to another in-game by saying /hop ) Just click HERE to be redirected to the tf2 servers info. Also, you could also check the TS3 Voice Server ( Click HERE to download & install it if you already didn't) to be able to chat/talk with your friends/other players. Furthermore, you could also join the Official JRTX Steam group, and apply for full member rank HERE(which in future will give you some advantages in the Steam Servers), then also if you want add the [JRTX] tag to your Steam name And don't forget to check the JRTX Gaming site for general info on the Steam servers/Voice servers -Squig :3
  2. Squig

    JR daily reward

    Afk Pools = afk for how much time you want = tons of tokens
  3. You can also create your own private sub-channel on Minecraft's main channel/other game's main channel. Ill show you how to create one for Minecraft: 1) Right-click the minecraft main channel, then select Create Sub-Channel. 2) Name your sub-channel whatever you like, and under th name box, type a desired password you will give whoever you want to talk to, in order for him to be able to join your sub-channel.( i named it test and put a random password) 3) There you go, you succesfully created a private sub-channel( the same steps apply for other game's channels) -Squig.
  4. To avoid people stealing books, better add a hopper system in the welcome room, newcomers only beeing able to see the hopper, but not the chest. The chest should be behind where only people you added can access. PS: Dont forget for hoppers to work the chest has to be unlocked, but if you hide it from players you wont find them stealing books.
  5. And that's where Spritecraft comes in handy:P
  6. Spritecraft let's you choose horizontal or flat view. Also, the one from PMC is not that detailed.
  7. Well building that in creative would take some time(weeks)
  8. The IP/port of the GMOd server is indeed pnx.jrnetwork.net:27133, but don't forget to use the password 12345 to connect. The server is customizable, meaning you can change from Sandbox to TTT to other mods etc. http://jrurl.at/cdu3 For more information on the recent GMOD server.
  9. Squig


    I did have a clan and it got deleted when i lost premium, maybe if i ever get premium back i should have it back, idk. @topic, staff should confirm about how/when you lose your clans.
  10. An image that doesnt have shading will end in a better pixel art, as Minecraft doesnt have that many bllocks which are greyish, resulting in an all-black shading (as you see in the example of the JR logo)
  11. Squig


    When i used to be premium, i used to own a clan, after premium expired, i lost it. Basically premium = you can have/create clans, member = you can't own a clan, but you can join clans
  12. All i gave was an example, you can use whatever image you want. Dere, happi? (._.)