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  1. mine would have to be emerald ore because it is unique and not to mention green
  2. I would beat you w/ a wet rag XD <3 you
  3. This is exactly what a prison server is. When you go on to say pvp in prison, You can make pvp zones where you don't have to go through pvp zones to get around the prison.
  4. Before I get into this, I want to say that I understand if this gets declined on the fact that JR can not afford another server at this time! Hey Staff and Community of JR, I haven't seen you for a while, and that's mainly because I've been playing on a prison server (which I will not give the IP so that I don't break the rules). Many of you may know that prison servers are highly addictive and take A LOT of time to complete, this makes prison servers not only fun, but a great way to bring traffic to the JR community. In addition to this, maybe you have "completed" rpg, skyblock, and are just bored with creative, what do you do? Some people don't get on as much as a result of "completing JR." Adding a prison server could open up an opportunity to complete another challenge, getting free! I know I would love to see a prison server in JR! To add onto the prison server I would add cells, factions (like gangs in the prison XD), kits (for the guards), and drugs (contraband items). As for staff, Helpers could be Trainees, GP could be Guards, Admins could be Head Guards and Wardens, and Jamie could be Head Warden! If you agree that a prison server would be good for JR, please vote yes on the poll and tell everyone why you said yes or no in the forum!
  5. Switch is nice to everyone but me JK
  6. Good luck sitting in single player ;P
  7. I like this, it might get more people on the minigames server!
  8. I think it should be a "per-day" kind of deal. Max Horses Per-Day:20 or something like that
  9. Sorry, but I agree with shane. I've known shane for a while, and I doubt she would do any of this intentionally. The first time where she may have kicked grant for being invisible on her plot has been done by other helpers if requested by a plot owner. It is almost the same as bows. She probably asked "no invisibility please" before she kicked him. Also, on JR it is a player's right to allow people to build on their plot, so denying access to her plots is perfectly OK. Sorry grant, but you can't let events like this that don't really matter get in the way of YOUR playing experience on JR. It's not that I don't believe you, it's that I think there is more to the story. Please don't let this be the reason you leave JR. Be Happy
  10. Me: Have you ever tried the green gold bond? Cameron (one of my percussion directors): You mean Icy Dragon? I. Almost. Died. (not everyone will understand)
  11. ...well, thinking that both the chicken and the egg were both added to minecraft in the 7th Seecret Update, neither came first.
  12. what if you fix the grief? For instance, someone blocked off my house with cobble, could I fix it before you check to see who griefed it?