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  1. I am A werewolf I am part animal and part human I wear a belt I am called a Skin-Walker The Belt is special and I have to rub an ointment on my skin to become what I become together they give true powers I try to control my werewolf hunger but can't because I get so thirsty at night I have the abilitys to jump far and high as well as run faster and farther without getting tired I have abilitys that no human has or will ever have my name is Jordan the real werewolf.
  2. Does Anyone Enjoy Playing PlanetSide2 to me it's a fun game but requires a high-end pc but yes it's full of freedom!
  3. Please tell me what you think about the Upcoming Minecraft 1.6
  4. Does Anyone Enjoy listening to heavy music such as Chelsea grin, iwrestledabearonce, suicide silence and such?
  5. Ok Who Likes Dubstep? Come Forth and say It Shall you! What's Your Favorite Remix and what not.
  6. theflipper101

    Hi All!

    Hi All I am theflipper101 some of you already know me but since I Love Forums I wanted to introduce myself on the forums anyways so Hi Everyone You all will start to see me on the forums TRUST me the Forum Master

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