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  1. Heya, how are you ?

  2. I will be leaving JR for about 1 year. My computer on the brink of breaking, school starting, and rl problems, I'll have to leave. See you in a year
  3. How about each profile can make a cusmodized wallpaper, but for the whole site, I would say maybe a abstract wallpaper with a JR logo on it?
  4. I ask this too...for the same reasons you say, I've already found a new server that I might have to go to as it seems people are leaving, unactive...hacker...
  5. When I join JR the game lags for about 2 minutes or so before I can mine or chat....same thing when I tpa or warp...I run at 30+ fps on normal settings.
  6. this is for the mods to see.... switch told me to upload it has its ''hacking'' for proof
  7. welcome, im new also
  8. Coke, to me it has a better taste and not so plain as pepsi
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