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Everything posted by JackJG1

  1. Well, R.I.P horseville, we lost the map
  2. Hey guys! If you all know, Christmas is coming up! Many pepole must be really Happy! Here you can share what your getting below! (P.S, Im getting a Wii U)
  3. Welcome To the second jr drawing! This time i decided to draw myself! (Switch will be followed) Anyways, Here it comes!
  4. Hey Guys Today i Just Drawed Jay and might be drawing others as well, Well here goes Nothing! Did you guys like it? Anyways, Bye!
  5. You Really like the Animated Players mod i see
  6. Ok, I have accepted Jtt And Purelard! I would think that we wont announce any more staff. So for anyone who did apply and did not get it, Sorry
  7. Hey guys Today im here to talk about: Minecon 2013 Yep You Heard me! Lots of pepole are going to Minecon this year. And i wonder: Who's Coming and who's Not? I might be coming. I have a really slight chance though. Im in a contest for tickets and that means there is a chance. So i hope you guys can help me get there! Anyways, This is a list i made of people who are going in jr craft... Going Maybe Going: Not Going: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JackJG1 DGM007 Minimaniaman DJ-Pon3 jttrainman SwitchShotJolt1 Kyle RockMelons
  8. Hey guys! Mini and i have decided to start hiring new staff. i will get back to you eventually. we take time to decide if you are the one to become a staff. Fourm you must fill. (copy and paste this) IGN: Member of horseville?: What do you enjoy about the horseville community?: As staff of horseville what will you do to make horseville a good community?: How old are you?: Thank you if you did apply! -Jack, Co-Owner of Horseville
  9. Nothing like good old horseville
  10. No xD my mom will not let me. we are going to the boardwalk another time. i'll send it to you
  11. So im at the boardwalk walking. found a store by the name of Linda's. It has so many Minecraft toys! Then i saw the... Rare 70$ Golden Foam Pickaxe! It's so cool!!!
  12. Im sorry I just have not saw you on minecraft or the fourms yet. Well we met now .
  13. Iphones Sometimes Can act up. but it might not be your iphone, i think it's a fourm glitch because it's done it on me before and i posted 2 Horseville post.
  14. I would think minecraft would be at the top. im not a big fan of skyrim at all. im not sure if that list is all correct
  15. It's a great texture pack. love it alot
  16. Im sure no one would cry or get sad about MY thoughts. but all the staff are awesome
  17. BarberMiss, you just need to be on more. and help out, it will make you stick out
  18. I dont see you a lot on Minecraft but on Fourms you are very active and Nice

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