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  1. You're beautiful, no jokes .
  3. Karim

    I have a problem

    Nao, please don't - he's better off without jail!!
  4. Karim

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    Have a great birthday
  5. Traveling to the US to visit my father .
  6. When such a topic concerning SOPA and/or internet Censorship is brought up, the only thing that comes to my mind is THIS.
  7. Karim

    Got any questions?

    Not wanting to go off topic. But 2+2=6 isn't something I would consider illogical. What do you mean by the symbol, "2"? Maybe this symbol represents three units. So then 2+2= three units + three units = six units which can be represented by the symbol "6" (If you'd like). What I mean is that in your mind you can decide for yourselves on what these "Symbols" represent in Mathematics. Saying 2+2=6 is correct since the statement is ambiguous if we consider that Mathematicians haven't agreed on these symbols. However, saying "Two units + Two units = Six units is incorrect. Of course, there is nothing called "True symbolization of a concept". Humans always have to create Symbols for different ideas. However if someone asks me, 2+2=6? I would simply say I don't know. I would need him to state, "We are following the numerical symbols that mathematicians have agreed on." **Warning: Don't give this answer in a test ^^.. I have learned that the hard way because I was simply mad at the teacher so I further replied like so."
  8. 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Maybe. 4) No. 5) @TeOzFrAnK sucks at PvP. 6) Yes. 7) I don't know. 8) Not at all. 9) No. 10) Ye- Oh wait, it's not a Yes-No question. Oh well...
  9. Nik

    How's trolling dem trollers?

    1. Karim


      Very productive.

      I make em cry :3.

    2. Nik
  10. I am not sure how this is working but I think they are using MCEdit to transfer the builds from one server to another, not sure.
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