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  1. You're beautiful, no jokes .
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    Fitness Challenge!

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    I have a problem

    Nao, please don't - he's better off without jail!!
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    My birthday

    Have a great birthday
  5. Traveling to the US to visit my father .
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    Revamping JR

    If technology was focused on, I gaurantee that the forums would be much more populated and activity would be available. What can be done is the usage of social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube . I believe if JR posts like 4-5 posts on Facebook and the forums concerning different new aspects going around when it comes to electronics, the internet, different sites etc, then the amount of members joining would actually escalate quickly. It can make videos on YouTube every once and a while. This can change JR to quite a big community were technological discussions made by other members would come in almost every hour . But the key is absolute consistency .
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    Revamping JR

    Actually, according to the demographics of Minecraft players, most of them are 15-21. Moreover, with 1 or 2 tutorials, it's quite simple to understand how the Forums work. Moreover, what I am trying to say is, it's not as easy to make a community that doesn't concentrate on one gamemode. On the other hand, the fact that you stated it was a technology based community is quite odd since it hasn't really focused on technology in a while. I stated my above paragraph considering the fact that it was a 'gaming' community. It's quite different in both cases. If it's going to be both, then the forums should be seperated into different sections with two different type of audiences.
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    Revamping JR

    I believe it's best if you guys focus on the Minecraft server itself and not the forums. Then, with the Minecraft server gaining a larder audience, you'd spread that audience on the forums. I know you guys don't want it Minecraft based. But, I think it's always best to choose and focus on one game to bring that specific community. A general gaming forum will be a bit difficult. That is if you guys don't want Minecraft, you could put in several games each with a forum section of its own with a group of staff members encharge of each section; the staff members that play that game/are capable of moderating the players of that game. However, considering the communtiy is rather small, I believe it's best to direct away from the concept of a 'general' gaming forum and focus on one type of gamemode in one type of game and attract a good amount of members that play that gamemode. I am suggesting Minecraft because it's what the server (I believe) is currently ready for due to the existence of a Minecraft server already that just needs a bit of modification, dedication and better advertising.
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    Revamping JR

    But will it be tolerated on other forums?
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    Revamping JR

    So, 1 spawn for multiple game modes?
  11. When such a topic concerning SOPA and/or internet Censorship is brought up, the only thing that comes to my mind is THIS.
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    Revamping JR

    I think the only problem with that is the fact that the community apparently won't be stricly Minecraft-based as noted by Jamie. In that case, what exactly is the difference in permissions between bronze and silver and gold on the forums for example? There wouldn't be much of a difference. That, of course, if the community wouldn't be getting involved in several other games giving those ranks actual meaning due to the existence of several commands/permissions to offer. If the community, would get involved in those games with several commands, then I guess, several ranks would be a good idea. Purchases for upgrades from one rank to another can be set up too which is considered effective for some users & more profitable for the server(s) itself.
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    Revamping JR

    That's true. JR can change a bit and direct away from Minecraft. I believe it would be awesome if a it had a Rust server. The only problem is that not all the staff members have rust I guess.
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    Revamping JR

    I would like to give my input concerning what's been going on in JR. I have given a lot of suggestions for the community in the past, however, I don't believe any of them (or at least most of them) were further implemented. Remove every server and keep one. This whole hub server isn't going to work efficiently. The point is, the server has a significantly low player base at the moment. Think about how it is when the player base is divided onto several servers? There's going to be so little people on each server. As a result, they'd direct towards similar communities that are far more popular. It's always great to see the server focus on one goal as a server. I recommend removing all servers and keeping RPG and making it the BEST it can be, therefore, cancelling other similar competitive servers. On the other hand, I wouldn't call it 'RPG' because it has nothing to do with 'Role-Play' at the moment. Make it a simple, yet unique, survival server with enjoyable plugins that kids find rather entertaining. The server should concentrate on keeping the "leveling-up" aspect of it for that encourages players to continue to play on the server. This should come along with "titles" that come besides their IGN in chat once they level up. Furthermore, the server needs a major staff wipe. There seems to be so many staff members that aren't visiting the server & the forums. After reading Chris' comment on some of the staff, I was curious to check some of their profiles. Some of the staff members literally last came on the forums in November/October/December. That's a horrible way to represent the server and forums as a staff member if that's how inactive you're going to be. Like, they should at least "browse" the forums to stay up-to-date on what's going on. The server doesn't need any staff members. Wipe every single staff member you guys believe is not contributing to the community due to inactivity. I'm not blaming those inactive individuals. They might have reasons. Regardless, I am looking at it from a different percpective taking a look at how JR's being affected when so is occurring. Besides that, although it's not obligatory, I believe all staff members including Jamie should vote for the server everyday. It just takes <5 mins and it would help a lot, believe me. Make a YouTube rank. YouTube is the website were all the Minecraft players direct to when looking for servers. You guys can get fairly 'popular' youtubers on the server using this. However, I am saying get 50k sub YouTubers . I am saying get people with like 600-2000 subscribers and so to make videos for the server and to be very active. You can message people on YouTube. Lots of them are going to ask for a payment for that. A very small payment if they have 600-2000(15-20 dollars). This can help build a player base from scratch and get people to be more active. The problem is, most YouTubers aren't interested in normal 'survival/towny/RPG'. They seem to enjoy Factions more due to the suspence that comes with it (Everyone likes blowing up bases xD). If it's going to difficult to attract YouTubers onto the server, improve the 'current' YouTube channel it has. Whoever has good screen recording, should record himself playing on the server, making 1-2 videos every 3 days. They should further spread the word about that channel. That will help JR big time. Make the server very practical for users and supply them with essential plugins with simple-to-use commands. Just some of my suggestions with my current experience as I have been working with some servers.
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    Got any questions?

    Not wanting to go off topic. But 2+2=6 isn't something I would consider illogical. What do you mean by the symbol, "2"? Maybe this symbol represents three units. So then 2+2= three units + three units = six units which can be represented by the symbol "6" (If you'd like). What I mean is that in your mind you can decide for yourselves on what these "Symbols" represent in Mathematics. Saying 2+2=6 is correct since the statement is ambiguous if we consider that Mathematicians haven't agreed on these symbols. However, saying "Two units + Two units = Six units is incorrect. Of course, there is nothing called "True symbolization of a concept". Humans always have to create Symbols for different ideas. However if someone asks me, 2+2=6? I would simply say I don't know. I would need him to state, "We are following the numerical symbols that mathematicians have agreed on." **Warning: Don't give this answer in a test ^^.. I have learned that the hard way because I was simply mad at the teacher so I further replied like so."
  16. 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Maybe. 4) No. 5) @TeOzFrAnK sucks at PvP. 6) Yes. 7) I don't know. 8) Not at all. 9) No. 10) Ye- Oh wait, it's not a Yes-No question. Oh well...
  17. I am not sure how this is working but I think they are using MCEdit to transfer the builds from one server to another, not sure.
  18. Wait..wait.. wait.. Off topic but... You are graduating!? Congrats **I don't believe he didn't tell me....**
  19. Happy New Years To contribute a bit more to this topic, what's you goals for 2014 guys? Mine is not to have another 2013 because that wasn't the best year for me (Personal IRL stuff )