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  1. Prometheus00

    Hid n' Seek

    i would love that lol :/
  2. i didnt kill him idiot you wasnt there
  3. i hate you and stop posting in my topics
  4. Harsol you know im that player and i still dont hate you for that please forgive me what i have done to you
  5. nvm then its not minecraft its other stuff its other stuff you downloaded cause minecraft is safe for everyone mojang is a trusted website
  6. Because of the internet box its not how much stuff you download its the internet box
  7. what i cant apply for helper i have to wait 90 days for that
  8. that is really hurtful to people ._.
  9. Hes tiny but hes ninja kitty lol
  10. ok no jokes o_o ok fine i will start :/ ok why did the idiot cross the wizard of oz path .-.
  11. what the crap how many people copy me >
  12. I know that but no one in minecraft can log back in and get on a server not even one in the world ._.
  13. ok umm tell you knew me before you was famouslol
  14. So Everyone You Know This time has come twice so you can do anything without this server!