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  1. So I have had many names, ranging from TwoPly45 to TheKnightmare It's nice to be back! What brought you back to JR: It's a long story. The short answer is I wanted nostalgia, and I just kept coming back after that What would you like to see at JR: Elytras to work in Creative. They keep lagging, and you lose momentum when you fly. It would be great to make an Elytra course Are you happy with the current changes: Of course! JR is an amazing server, with wonderful and nice staff. Any other comments? The only other comment I can give is ( ?° ?? ?° ) EDIT: s
  2. Someone told me about some signs that have been changed. The Rules of Horseville.
  3. I can't do anything without the server lagging and Timing out, kicking me out, blocks not being placed, and just everything terrible in general. BTW, i might need an admin to use some W/E in survival. Coords at X=6335 Y=72 Z=-2321
  4. TwoPly45


    Do not change your name!!!! Your rank and everything you had in your inventory will be gone! We need this to be fixed immediately! I was premium, didn't buy it, won it. I cannot get home or do anything now!
  5. TwoPly45

    JR Labs

    "Laboratories" refer to giant boxes of iron blocks and glowstone.
  6. I won! :info: :lol: The reward was Premium for...I don't know...a month? If you haven't seen it, check it out! If you entered but haven't won, here is a place for the honorable mentions. Enjoy!
  7. I barely see you anymore! WHERE CHU GO??

  8. Plot Reference: ID:-4;3 Owner:TwoPly45 Members Involved (that i remember): TwoPly45 Screenshots:
  9. Same world and everything?
  10. Good... Is this about the Creative spawn? DID I WIN?
  11. I don't know if it's a server thing, if its being fixed or not, i just can't connect. WHY???
  12. I did this because i can i did many more
  13. I have been Premium for a month. I loved it. I even randomly dreamed about it once When i finally got it, I nearly banged my head in excitement. Chris, it has been many a day since then, and i remember it like it was an hour ago. Which to me, is utter fog on a rainy day so i remember crap about it. Applying for Helper is everything more than the title, and possibly the many titles i would have if i got it. Chris, you know me as a person who never griefs, trolls, spams, and everything is perfect about me. but my age. I also may apply for Building Team, i just don't want to give out my real nam
  14. I have one question and one question only, but it is a long one: I, TwoPly Gaming, AKA TwoPly45, have applied for Helper. Except there is one problem. I'm only 13...Everything else is fine. I have 21 posts since i last checked, no warnings, I joined in time, I'm a member, and no queued messages. I'm completely fine except I'm 13. To apply for Helper, you must be 15. Do the math. So, finally to the question. Is this fair? I must wait 2 years for me to apply for Helper. Comment below if you agree.
  15. Is this why i cant join? sry i havent been on in a real long time
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