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  1. Name: The Nightmare

    Appearance: In the bottom left corner, stance of a rabbit, dark greenish brownish scales/skin, glowing red eyes, and bat like wings. Long 2 fingered/clawed hands and 10 feet tall.

    Story: While going bird watching and hiking through the woods, they both heard a high pitched screech and and the sound of thunder (it flapping its wings) which made one of there ears bleed. It cared the female away while the male quickly took a picture and ran to the nearest telephone pole. The creature came back and attacked the cops that came while the male ran home and locked his doors. The creature seemed to be immune the bullets or other weapons but not to tazers.

    When approaching: Hide to an unbreakable shelter and pray it does not find you.


  2. Now we know there are alot of thing little kids think are real but is photoshopped, like the award winning photoshopped slender man photos. The ones that are black and white and show him all the way in the back, these photos are very famous. Now for those who do have Photoshop, I challenge you to make a cryptic or creepy-pasta picture, it can not be an existing creepy-pasta, it has to be  made up. For those who don't have Photoshop, you can just type a little short story in the replies instead :P.  This challenge will end by August 10th but you can still post creepy pics if you want to, to show off your photoshoppin skills :P

  3. With the right commands or plugins, the server could have custom crafting recipes which could bring lots of possibilities. Example: If you use 1 nether star, a wither skull and a stick, you could craft a wither skull that causes withering affect on impact. Its just an example, no one has tried this yet, but we can. Its really simple if you know command blocks and could be used in this current update and the next. Some servers have already tried it as an alternative to using mods, like using golden ingots to make guns or such. Maybe jr could have its only set of crafting recipes if done correctly to make the server seem more exciting and fun :D


    PS: If the server uses a texture pack too, the result of the custom craft would make it look even cooler, like the example above but the sword looks black and has a skull or something.


  4. Most knows about the new update coming out (1.8) some knows about whats going to be in it but for me, I'

    m Waiting for the banners. You may post your banner design here if u made one and took a screenshot. It may be your own personal design, or mean something or even be a Official Banner of JR :D. But before you begin this I have a question, which of my flag designs is better, answer that with the poll.


    PS: By the way i also put what i thought would look like a JR themed flag right next to the options



  5. Many have tried but only half had made it out, the ender maze in creative is difficult to defeat even to those who made the maze. The endless corners, the dark strainging your eyes, and paths you thought were walls until you ran into them. See if you can beat the maze in creative, follow the conditions and the warp is endermaze so dont be late.... try it now. And if you did do it, did you make it out? And was it hard?



    PS: not our fault if u get lost or go insane :P


  6. What if we had a new sign plugin where if u have [bank] or 1 of the other names above, and right click the sign it opens up a mini storage, which is good for making room in a house and prevents total grief when items getting stolen. it can either be personal like a ender chest or public at spawn. Its ur choice, i ust hope it gets accepted :D

    -Ender_Lord2000 (and italianboy625)


    PS: heres a poll on wut should it be called


  7. Videos should be allowed to be attached to topics when posting them instead of just images, it could be an animation that needs feedback but the creator doesn't have a youtube account, or maybe an idea for a Jrcraft intro. It took me at least 5 mintutes to realize i was only able to but the key points of a animation which fustraed me. In hope u think about da idea




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