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  1. Highschool here I come

  2. Here is a short story I wanted to wright I got up slowly got up, knowing that I am still at camp. I see Sophie and Karah asleep still so I got up out of bed. I got the whipped cream as I put it in there hands Sophie moves her hand. I thought that she was going to put It all over her face but she didn't. As I woke them up they touched there faces with there hand and got whipped cream all over there faces. They picked me up by my arms and legs as they walked to the lake a throwed me in it. "Guys I cant swim" I screamed They just into the lake trying to get me out I start to laugh a lot. "why are you laughing" Asked Sophie "well you just threw me into the lake and I said I couldn't swim. But when I can I just got you to jump the lake" I said They got all mad at me I tried to swim as fast as I can and then they graphed me and I scrammed. I try to get to the Cabin but I bumped into this guy. I never saw him here before......... Hi guy hoped you liked it I will be writing more on my wattpad and if you want to read it my username is Midnight2373
  3. storm2373


    Hey guys I just wanted to tell you that I am going to make a YouTube Channel. I will make it soon I just have to fine out what to use to record my laptop when I want to make a video. I will be making videos with you guys once I figure out so thing. I cant wait to start it and I will post again saying what my YouTube name is. Can you guys give me some ideas for my YouTube name and so ideas for a free recording thing for my computer :).
  4. His eyes to me are big
  5. storm2373

    Meet my dog

    Hi guys I just wanted for some reason to let you meet my puppy and tell you a little bit about him. His name is Biscuit. He is a Puggle witch is a mix of pug and beagle. He is a 3 year old and we got him when he was 1 year old I think. he is a puggle but he doesn't have the puggle colors like all the puggles I have meet are dark brown and mine is light brown and white that is were he got his name from by the colors of his fur. I put I picture of him too.
  6. Hi guys I am just going to say this i just have been sad the last few days and I just wanted to say if I am not talking a lot or not on jr don't worry and i will probably not be on a lot because I will be reading and stuff so no need to worry I am not on or anything. It's just reading makes me happy and think about other things then the thing that make me sad. This is not because of people on jr it about other things in life
  7. HI guys my I just going to tell you a little bit about me so here we go. I am a 12 year old girl about to be 13. I have one brother that is 14 and 4 pets 3 cats and a doggie. I have been thought a lot in my life so far. I am so happy I can to Jrcraft my friend told me all about it there nice people ( like frosty) and it is fun to build and talk to them. I have be builled in my life a lot in school but when I went to middle school and minecraft I fit in more. I like to takes trips and meeting new people. So that is all I can think that is about me and yeah there will be a picture of me to don't judge my looks.
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