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  1. Great! This means I will finally have long weekends again for straight Pokémon! The next game is either X/Y2 Z, or remakes of diamond & pearl! Can't wait!
  2. My computer is not compatible with teamspeak. Is it possible to link it with skype?
  3. Abonix

    Mob Arena

    I support this, if there is going to be a wither boss. the wither should be buffed up alot. Maybe it should give poison 1 instead of the wither effect. Anyway, this sounds good
  4. Abonix

    JR Mail System

    This would be really great. I am off sometimes, working on other servers and/or dealing with school. I support this completely
  5. This was one of my first blogs so... XD it is TERRIBLE
  6. Abonix


    Toast Bread Put the bread in a toaster XD
  7. I'm listening to silence right now
  8. I don't have the texture pack XD bUT I did get that
  9. My name is tyler. I have 5 dogs and a pig. I live in rural virginia. I love cheerios. XD I love to test the limits of survival. I am a great interior builder, terrible exterior builder. Pokemon is THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED IN HUMAN HISTORY, OTHER THAN ICE CREAM!!
  10. This would be awesome for an event! I can't wait to see it finished!!
  11. I love to help gather for major builds and see my custom Redstone tests work. I plan to make a skybase (make it pokemon or starwars) in the future. Right now, I am plotting out the basic area for it, it will be 10 110 so it has a center point. It might take me a week or so to complete the outside, another week to simplify the redstone, and another week for my "interior design". Im hoping to make it pokemon, since the base I planned is made out of clay, iron, gold, and wool. It will not have a way up to it, it will only be accessible via warp. Another question before I end this, what biome should I build it in? BTW, the day is supposed to be dat, no copy write yo Megan trainor. Plz no hates