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  1. Caillou Theme Song Remix xD
  2. Guys, let's be honest, any Fallout game is a horror game. I remember walking around the Wasteland late at night (in game) and all of a sudden I hear this foot crunching, so I turn around expecting one of those huge ass rats, LOL NOPE, IT'S A DEATHCLAW. I jolted and paused the game so I could recover for a moment and got back to it. The game has all sets of little jumpscares that are absolutely wonderful.
  3. On my network, we have a PS3, an Xbox One, 2 laptops, 2 Xbox 360's, 2 PC's, 4 cell phones, 2 iPods and a tablet. Still dishing out that 1800+kbps with Netlfix on during a download for League of Legends.
  4. I agree with System, sorry sir for not knowing your name, but that's one of the things that sort of slows down a lot of things is being one sort of topic oriented thing. Apologies for sounding like a complete dingus with my terminology, but it's still early here. If there were to be an expansion of the main elements of the site, I feel like there would be a whole lot more for many more audiences. I myself like to talk about Dark Souls, Forza Motorsport (racing in general), League, and others that are just sort of lingering in the noggin that are not coming to mind just yet. I am new a newer member, yes, but with more expansion, there could be more in store for future members and for the staff as well.
  5. I, Godless - A Night in Texas Come to me for your metal needs, for it is I who rusts in the shower due to being so metal.
  6. I actually pronounce it like See-juu-ani, so Say-juu-ani was the closer one (to me, ok, calm your tittles).
  7. "WHO THE HELL IS MUSHY NUGGLEBITES?!" - random bandit (Borderlands 2)
  8. For some reason I feel a topic of the same category was created before and I just couldn't find it at all, so I guess I'll start it up unless I'm redirected to it? Anyways, post some of your favorite video game quotes, doesn't have to be genre specific, just something that made you question, enjoy, or go *insert 30 men screaming "OHHHHHHHHHH"* but I'll kick it off with some of my favorite quotes. "Soul of the mind, key to life's ether. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the world might be mended." - The Maiden in Black, Demon's Souls "You have some guts, to turn on us! Have a look at my sword, for it's the last thing you'll see!" - Shiva of the East, Dark Souls "Your soul is still frail and pallid… If you proceed regardless, your fate will be more terrible than mere life or death. But I will not stop you, if that is your heart's desire." - The Emerald Herald, Dark Souls II Just figure it should be from the series I am most renown for playing amongst my friends (other than League), but please, add more, I'd like to hear what some of your favorite quotes are
  9. Watch Dogs has definitely caught my attention in the past and I've been interested into getting into that for a little bit now. I'm more of a storyline guy, having something to go off of that'll have me sort of have a connection to the storyline is something worth playing, to me. It may sound weird, but eh. As for those games where it seems like 5 minutes is now hours, that goes to Forza. Making a design on a car seems like it only took minutes to whip up, but it could actually have been and hour or two.
  10. Any recommendations? I have quite a library already, but I neglected that to the point of no return xD But I have a very wide genre of games I'll play, so I can play pretty much any recommendation
  11. Hey guys, new to JR, but do any of you play Dark Souls (2)? I'm kinda decent at the game, not to toot my own horn, but I think it's a hella dope game with a degree of difficulty that can't be matched (other than the other souls games) and it's something that everyone should play
  12. Hyped for Bloodborne, we kinda needed a new "souls" series that gave that Demon's Souls feel to it, let's hope that Bloodborne can fill that slot.
  13. Split-push - When a champion is pushing a lane (destroying towers, inhibitors, minions) while the rest of the team is focused in one general area, diverting the enemy team's attention from that champion. Typically a high Attack Damage champion, usually the ADC. Inc - Used after a champion is called out, short for incoming. "Ruh-roh, Ezreal is incoming." Backdoor - Almost like split-pushing, but this is for ending the game. When the enemy team, as well as your team, are focused in one area, not quick enough to notice that the champion is already pushed all the way to the nexus, virtually unnoticed. Ranked Playlist - This is where the big boys go to play, achieved at Summoner Level 30, allows you to play with players who are in it for the competition more than the casual play. (Sort of like the difference between Social and Normal ranking in Halo 3, only you must first get to the highest level.) Ranked starts off with placements, 10 games that determine your rank. *Rank - There are 7 tiers of ranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger. Within these tiers are 5 divisions and in order to advance a division, you must accumulate 100 LP, then play a set of placements to move up the division list (varies depending on the TIER you are in). League Points - Commonly referred to as LP, which are the points used for ranked games which determine your rank. When you win games, you gain LP, lose games, lose LP. Dodge - Dodging is a term used for when someone closes out of the launcher during champion select in a game. This is generally used for when friends come on during the time you are in champion select and you want to join them, however, there is a penalty for dodging (temporary ban from joining games, and if in ranked, lost LP). *Needs slight review.