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  1. Is the server down? My friend and I have been trying to play but it says "Can't connect to server" is this happening to anyone else, or is it just me and my friend?

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    2. pvt_jaime
    3. Kyle


      I'll try and get someone to fix it asap :) sorry for any inconvenience.

      Frank just took a look. It's back up now :)

    4. Ashyy


      Thank youuu :D

  2. I registered a few days ago and it still says that I have to register on the actual game. Whats up with that? Is registration down?

    1. Kyle


      Are you referring to Minecraft?? When you type in chat does your name appear green? If so then you are registered. If not pm me directly and I'll take a further look into it. Also if you could send a pm of what the message looks like that says you're not registered I'll take a look into that.

      - Kyle

    2. TeOzFrAnK


      Make sure you put your minecraft username on your profile (Case sensitive) too otherwise we cant link the two. I see that you have that done is that username Tartminer84 correct?



    3. TeOzFrAnK