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  1. Hey everyone, just curious to see what kinds of awesome builds everyone is either in the process of making or have built recently! I'm currently in the middle of re-creating Silver Millennium from Sailor Moon (pictured below). Leave pictures!
  2. Hey guys. So I think I'm gonna start this blog thingy or whatever x3 I know most of you probably won't read it but whatever. Right at this exact moment I'm sitting in my stepdad's car typing this on my laptop, so I'll probably copy and paste it onto the website when I get home in an hour or two. I've got my music playing though, so it's all good . So as some of you may know, I'm a girl with a troubled past/present. I've had a few incidents involving self harm (a.k.a. cutting) and even a few very close suicide attempts. Why am I ranting about this you ask? Well i wanted to point out that the people who have stopped me and made me feel better have been people from the JR community. As Frosty says, we are a family and nothing will ever change that. I know I'm only 13, but I guess I should explain a little about myself and my past. >Warning: Short Back Story< So back when I was going into 6th grade, my mom had given me her laptop to play The Sims 3 on. I spent all summer playing it locked in my room all by myself with no contact to the outside world except a friend who lived in the same apartment building. Durring that time, I developed a sense of being anti-social. When my parents take me places and such, I'm always on my phone talking to someone or doing something. It's a bad habit that I've grown into, but something has slightly changed that. My parents know that most friends that I've ever had have been online ones, (which is fine with them) so they're okay with it most of the time. I've grown so used to being in front of a screen for almost 9 hours a day that it's like my whole life revolves around it. It's done some good, but mostly bad (sadly). Now I'm not saying you guys have done anything wrong, because you haven't. Most of you have helped me grow out of my shell and become more of a person then I've ever been. Heck, i even met three lovely guys on JR that have been a big part of my life (you know who you are!). And each and every one of you has played a part in my life, no matter how big or small. I guess what I'm trying to say is... Thank you :') You all mean so much to me and I don't know where i would be today if I hadn't found JR. <3 Much Love, Sophie <3
  3. Hey everyone! I'm back with yet another art related topic (kinda). So I had this idea (no it's not a pool party) that I could take everyone's MC skin or picture of you and put it all into a collage! For example, if I wanted to do all the admins, I would get a picture of each of them and say who they were. Sound cool? Lemme know whatcha think :3
  4. Sophie

    I have a problem

    Ermagod This is getting really crazy I never thought I could obsess over a person T^T Its this addiction called a crush And it's pretty obvious who I have one on >.< That scottish 18 year old who loves rainbows Yeah, that guy *sits at computer for 10 minutes* I need halp :/ And I dunno what to do about this T.T I feel kinda like Scootaloo Only I'm pretty sure she doesn't like Rainbow Dash like that NETHER DO I ._.
  5. #Frophie "There. All finished!" I said, and took a step back. I squinted through the softly falling snow at my derpy rainbow as Frosty laughed at my side. "That does NOT look like a rainbow." he said, and I punched his arm playfully. "Well mister rainbow expert, YOU fix it!" I said, and crossed my arms like a little kid. I smiled lightly as I watched the Scottish teen build a rainbow that actually LOOKED like a rainbow. "There. Better?" he said as he turned to face me. I rolled my eyes. "Well, I tried." I mumbled as Frosty wrapped an arm around me, squishing us close together. My face turned the color of a tomato. "W-What are you doing?" I stuttered. "You look kinda cold." he replied sweetly. I relaxed as the snow continued to lightly fall in front of the castle. "You know, you're like a brother to me Frosty." I said quietly. He looked down at me as I pulled him into a hug. "I don't know where'd I be without you." I whispered. We stood there, in a warm embrace. "I'm always here for you Sophie. No matter what." he said, and I burrowed into his chest. "Thanks Frosty." I said. "Anything for my little Sophiekins." he replied. The snow gently stopped falling, and I reached my hand up in a C shape. Frosty did the same, creating a heart shape. We laughed. I looked up at him as he smiled, stood on my tiptoes, and planted a kiss on his cheek. "That's for... uh... I don't really know." I said, and giggled at his surprised face. "Now, come on Snow King. I believe your kingdom awaits!" * Dedicated to my B.B.B.F.F. Frosty <3
  6. HAHA GUISE! TIME FOR FACE REVEAL Don't judge. Picture is like 4 months old :3
  7. Heard of Dota 2, never played it tho. MMO = Sword Art Online so it sounds like a lotta funsies! :3 I've also got TF2 for PC
  8. Hey guys, what's up? It's Sophie here, and today I'm bringing you my very first JR FORUM TOPIC!!! This one is regarding (as the title says) Member Fan-Art for JR. So far, I've done myself and Frosty! If you'd like one, please message me on KIK (sophie_is_a_monster) or email me at (removed email) with a picture of your skin. ~XOXO Sophie
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