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  1. The first one is a synthpop band that was decently big in its' time, the next two are both former members, the fourth is a band I found through a friend being a member, so those ones are really easy to not know xD (I'd recommend them all though)
  2. P-MODEL Susumu Hirasawa Teruo Nakano VIDRA Gorillaz Fever Ray Death Grips
  3. -back to Mothers', in Tennessee.
  4. I din't want to shamelessly revive my own dead threads so here's the technicolour garbage I've been producing lately- Thank.
  5. Thank you c:
  6. What's your name on the server?
  7. Gonna stream a thumbnail commission of zelda characters on picarto tonight, it'll be my first proper stream and I'm gonna SCREAM also here's a brb picture I burped out during a test stream with a couple of friends
  8. I'm sorry no one told you this, you're a Rokurokubi RIP Chris
  9. I made an avatar for a friend who recently got banned from a forum with me for being too edgy and making harambe jokes long after the meme was dead.
  10. I inked this entirely with a brush, it was interesting- My new lightbox is powerful enough that I can have two layers now, provided that I only colour digitally. An av
  11. Here's a drawing I did today that I'm pretty proud of, I'm thinking of redrawing it in pixels to try and test my abilities in simplifying images.
  12. more from this creator-
  13. I usually scan, since my drawing tablet is smaller than a5
  14. It's more like a light tray in my case, usually its a transparent or semi transparent cuboid with a strong light source inside, usually used for tracing. I use I when I want to ink something but I value the pencil drawing too much to possibly ruin it if I make a mistake.
  15. i just remembered i did these like a few years ago I made this one by getting a semi transparent plastic box and sticking a lamp under it. This was made with an actual lightbox, though it was a5 and very awkward to use. I got a really good light box today, wish me luck.