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  1. I'm a little busy for that right now, sorry! most of my drawings are made like this, it's pretty straight forward, the method I use is similar to painting, all on one layer, and then towards the end I add layers of solid colours with layer effects to refine the colours I use a small wacom intuos tablet My traditional art has a little more going on but basically I ink with a brush and ink, or sometimes I use coloured pencils this example isn't very good but I don't have much traditional art saved on my laptop https://www.facebook.com/Spencer-Cain-984857051560003 [PLUGGO PLUGGO] I have more traditional art here iirc
  2. Comics, absolutely, storyboards less so- I'm making a really lame, simple animatic right now though it's just sketches right now though, to figure out the timing and everything, I need to refine it a lot Im also on to work on two different comics, one of them has a sort of rough proof-of-concept pair of pages from much earlier this year.
  3. That's the dream! For now the colour work I'm doing on a comic with that other artist mentioned above is teaching me a lot, though. [more art, this time totally mine again]
  4. On the side I've also been doing colour work for another (much more talented) artist-
  5. It's been a while and I've returned from my dark dank basement with yet more art. As with last time, because of the time gap I don't want to revive the old thread. -And here's what I'm doing Right now
  6. The first one is a synthpop band that was decently big in its' time, the next two are both former members, the fourth is a band I found through a friend being a member, so those ones are really easy to not know xD (I'd recommend them all though)
  7. P-MODEL Susumu Hirasawa Teruo Nakano VIDRA Gorillaz Fever Ray Death Grips
  8. -back to Mothers', in Tennessee.
  9. I din't want to shamelessly revive my own dead threads so here's the technicolour garbage I've been producing lately- Thank.
  10. What's your name on the server?
  11. SpencerCain

    Random Thoughts

    Gonna stream a thumbnail commission of zelda characters on picarto tonight, it'll be my first proper stream and I'm gonna SCREAM also here's a brb picture I burped out during a test stream with a couple of friends
  12. SpencerCain

    Random Thoughts

    I'm sorry no one told you this, you're a Rokurokubi RIP Chris