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  1. New server suggestion

    I wouldn't mind trying out pugnacia! And then maybe increase the stats a bit
  2. Hi guys. I've been around for quite a bit and started out on the old volcano server. I've been roaming around on ragnarok and the island for some time now and I'm starting to miss the volcano quite a lot. So I've been wondering if people were into bringing it back? With same rates/mods etc. Now I know that there's many new players and some old ones have left so that's why I'm suggesting it again. I'd love to have it back since it's my favourite map and I hope that y'all will think about it
  3. Opinion on difficulty

    Well no one is forcing anyone to use the mods in game so I don't see the reason to remove them when other players are using them.
  4. Opinion on difficulty

    I'm still against lowering the maturation stat. Don't see a legit reason for it since the server is not that "big" yet with many players plus how can one find it interesting to sit and wait 6+ hours for a egg/baby to grow. I'm not talking about it being "hard". Not at all. But seriously, why decrease the stat just so you can sit and wait even longer. I can understand if it would make it harder but it wont. Just boring. I say we keep the servers as they are and make a new one with low stats and then people can join that server if they don't like the way the current settings are.
  5. Opinion on difficulty

    Yeah I know, that's why I commented ^^ To tell what I think of the situation
  6. Opinion on difficulty

    Well, I am against that then. I get that people want it to be "harder" but they joined knowing how the stats were and that's how it is. I wouldn't mind a new server with low stats but not on every server.
  7. Opinion on difficulty

    Oh so you're talking about a new server with different stats than ragnarok etc.?
  8. Opinion on difficulty

    Tbh, I like the server how it is and I really hope you not will make any changes. I don't mind not adding more mods to the servers but I would really dislike if the stats were changed.
  9. Up breeding speed

    Never said it was "hard", just don't like how long it takes But ok
  10. Up breeding speed

    Hmm I don't see the red string between breeding and taming sedative? I just think it would be nice and other than that, I agree that the servers should not get easier than it is now. And no one is FORCING you guys to make a kibble table or use taming sedative. If you think it's "too easy" then don't use it. I LOVE the taming sedative but haven't tried kibble table tho.
  11. Had to vote something on the last one to vote on the others. I wouldn't mind a server that changes map and could be pvp! That actually sounds cool. I wouldn't have voted on that one but had to to get my other votes through
  12. Up breeding speed

    Well I do agree with you on not letting the servers getting too easy and all that, but breeding is getting too long imo. I was going to suggest increasing taming but realised that it is pretty "easy" to tame atm. On the other hand, I would really like to up the breeding speed. Using 3 hours getting a wyvern is a bit too much for me and I'm not asking to make it sky high, but just increase it a tiny bit.
  13. Up breeding speed

    Yas! I've been thinking about asking that as well but totally forgot all about it. I'm all for it
  14. Too many mods?

    Guess so. But as I said, I was just getting a bit concerned. But if you say the servers can handle it, then I believe you I can always choose not to use any of the mods. Just wanted to hear people's opinions about this

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