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  1. Hey Jamie Ive been absent for a while But if u need a good playable and pretty done map is Olympus. One of the best ive seen out there rn
  2. Just so most of u know theres a meat spoiler item on the Advanced Raft mod called Chum Bucket. And im totally against any kind of taming mods... whit the current rates u dont really need anything else to help taming. Otherwise with a lil bit of metal u can get a rex in less than an hour just point and command to attack. Lets test it out before thinking on any changes on rates and mods i guess. One thing i would strongly recommend tho is a tribe max. Cuz just Thigas alone has a 10 man crew lol and we dont have that kind of players base on JR yet. If the max players is set to 40 the tribe should be 5 max or so. Those three mods r enough for PvP... if much i would recommend a mod for the beacons (RAWR Beacons) to worth to fight for cuz vanilla is crap. And maybe the Anti-Theft mod since Pegos and Ichthys r very annoying lol.
  3. I dont realy need to add anything... u guys said all i would. Im very pleased with this community sometimes. No for the suggestion it self but for the people that disagreed with it. Cuz #HardIsMoreFun lol #NoMoreStatsIncreasePlease lol
  4. Honestly i wanted to suggest that 1 month server for so long... Like i played rust for while and works fine the mentality of lil cycles of life (spawn, survive, kill, grind, kill, build, kill, thrive, restart again)... is always chalenging and fresh. PS: if u think i forgot to include die on that cycle list its cuz u realy dk the obvious about rust... or ark for that mather lol And lets be honest here... no one realy stay on the same server for more than a month anyway, ik i dont. So that would be the fresh and attractive thing ever. Although no pegos and Ichty to f*** our days would be great too lol... And changing maps every month... guys cmom... thats an great idea Oh wait... PvP right? and No ARk data download please... Since we r growing a community would be good to keep things "homely" at start? i mean this month cycle server should be whitelisted right? no? Why not? PS: som
  5. Agree with Shin... Im not concern only with the server performance at this point, this amount of mods can easily be heavy on some clients side and mostly is too easy and fast to add a new mod. Above that this realy takes the main idea of the game away becoming not a survival and just a building simulator and dinos collection. Which let me say is something that have impact on all players and the server performance. Better stacks, upgrade station r mods created for hard enviroments as Anunnaki and for lazy people on vanilla (sorry but thats my opnion). Mod suggestion and Poll: Would be more fair if for a mod to be added should have a minimun X amount of people voting in its favor cuz most mods had been voted by only -5 people. In the past that was pretty much 50% of the amount of people playing regularly but now a server as Ragnarok has +15 people playing and theres more 5 servers in the cluster. Some people dont keep track on the site for mod suggestions and for that their vote is not taken in account. Guess a solution for that is increasing the period of the poll so more people can vote. I would say 2-3 weeks. And a minimun amount of votes in favor. Also a maximum amount of mods is needed or we'll be facing a load of 5 minutes with 35 mods in a near future. If u want a new mod after max out u have to suggest a trade. As simple as that. We have a great deal of mods already and the life is far easier than vanilla.
  6. is tricky talk about that... but i would say yes if we were playing on a hard mod as Annunaki, Extinction Core or similar. But for the current stats would make everything too easy and as the higher stacks mod would just make the game boring after a while and no real need for dinos when u have a ascendant primitive hatchet at lvl 4 or even a ramshackle metal pick at 20...
  7. To be completely fair i not in favor since with that the experience start to become too easy... when id played on high stacks servers i mostly didnt need dinos at all... i could carry all by myself theres was no struggle at all. I up for a chalenge and i like the grinding about surviving or the fun end up pretty quickly and get boring too fast
  8. PsychoRabbit

    New map?

    So i was thinking that some of u could be kind of tired of the same old of vanilla maps. So i wanna suggest a map. I like Ragnarok map but not much of a fan of Annunaki. So rather not play there since ill get bored with all bigger dinos tamed in a day. Volcano is ok, but doesnt have much atmosphere in it and everything is just too normal appart form some waterfals and the cool volcano island (Emma and Eric please dont hate me ). To be honest the dinos spawns r very messy an disorganized. I would like to suggest the ShigoIsland map. Has all biomes including Wyverns biome, all new dinos and features working. Its just stunning and well done. Caves over and under water, ruins. All things u expect in a map. And never had much of fps problem with it. 40% bigger than The Island map and filled with some awesome spots to build ur lil new home The immersion is something easy in its enviroment. Check that out. Id noticed that theres 2 servers mostly empty atm, at least for the majority of the time. The Island and SE. Would u guys agreed to trade one of those for this Epic map?
  9. About the Extinction Core it adds more content to vanilla PvE but is only good if in balance to the gameplay... otherwise would be boring and easy after few hours of struggle as in Annunaki. But about a server not realy sure which one... maybe a new one? Valhalla maybe? Idk cuz Ragnarok already got Annunaki and vanilla personaly ive see enough lol... and Volcano its just a big mess with all dinos everywhere. So realy unsure about where put it.
  10. Well revising a lil bit my own post... if its not possible to balance this mod to something less exagerated than Annunaki i rather not having it. Like the idea of enhance the gameplay with NPCs and different Alphas but only if thats not too OP.
  11. Very true. Adds much more PvE content and makes much more fun than just insane lvl dinos. But only if the mod is in medium lvl otherwise is a different experience of annunaki with high lvl stuff too overpowered to our server stats reality.
  12. Anyone else tired of the awful lazy raft of vanilla? That slow motion thing that makes travel so long and dangerous as a almost not moving target? What if we have different raft speeds with different amount of building slots in it? Wanna have a floating base? Or even better... if also u get some nice and small looking storage or smith? a Grill in a barrel maybe? Thats all in a mod called Advanced Rafts!!! Another sponsored mod by ark btw Check it out and vote for it!!