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  1. Sounds awesome, I'm all in for fancy rafts.
  2. While I'm not a fan of it myself I could absolutely be fine with this on The Island or The Center, I would just rather not on Volcano the map I primarily play on, I do like the idea that different maps have variety, honestly if it was limited to just one place I could even stomach Annunaki itself, just not on Volcano (if it was upto me that is).
  3. Sorry to say I was one of the people who was against the mod, I'm sorry to anyone who really wanted it, I know it must suck to have it and then have it taken away like that and I really sincerely apologise for any additional effort on the server teams part to revert the changes, I just really was not comfortable with the lava lamp disco dino's I found after seeing this go live. I'm really happy to see the quick response from Jamie and that future mods will be polled, that's just another sign of what a great community you have here at JR Network.