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  1. Mod requests

    Seen the lvl210 a few times now. Am i the only one who needs lvl225?^^ (I am lvl213 and cant build the upgradestation, in engrams it requires lvl225 for me) And even without having access to that station for now. i also have no use for op lootdrops. At least have something to work for :/
  2. Mod requests

    i really cant see the use of better drops since we already have a vote for upgrading staion and it looks like it will go through. So we already are able to create better stuff when the station will be added.
  3. Up breeding speed

    In my opinion we dont need any more increased rates. Taming is fine (You can farm sedative whenever you have time for it instead of sitting next to a dino for 5+ hours. Same with kibble table, it saves you from having to massfarm eggs for kibble. (Also nice for imprinting )). Breeding is for endgame. Getting the perfect dino in a day would be kinda boring. If you spend few weeks on it you can be proud of it. Its pve so we have all the time we need. In pvp i could understand the need for having better dinos since they might die any day. But why do you need them that fast here? Even a lvl100 tame does its work. So breeding is a luxury extra (Still nice to have xD )
  4. Weight and stacks poll

    Higher stacks would be nice but not with decreased weight. Dinos already have increased weight so you can just lvl a dino to carry whatever you need. (my fresh quetzal had 1k weight right after taming. lvling is fast as well) Just have something with you to carry your stuff. even my ankylo alone has 2k weight (since im playing mostly alone) The only thing, that i would love would be higher stacks to have less room wasted. Weight could even be vanilla. By the way we already have increased stacks and switching mods might/will lead to lost ressources. Keep that in mind as well.
  5. Request for the mod: upgrade station

    In the end the daily survival is mostly over when you have something big to ride (you dont even need any armor for that). But in my opinion the upgradestation would be nice to help with caves/bosses. you just cant do some alone or in little groups. Of course it should fit the server. Leave it for "endgame". Maybe for lvl180/190+? So you still have to work to get there. And getting to this lvl isnt that hard to be honest. Never played with that mod but upgrading should be expensive so you have to farm for your desired stuff. In early lvls i dont think its useful. having op gear before you even have a stonebase feals dumb and completely destroys the survival part.
  6. Ark resource re spawn radius

    A lower radius would be nice so it doenst feel like living in a desert It also would make foundations near metal nodes possible without destroying the spawn. But it needs to be tested so the nodes/trees/bushes dont actually spawn inside walls and foundations. (some bad experiences with another server, having trees and rocks spawning in doors and so on all the time...)
  7. Well as the title tells. Could you replace the kibble vending mashine mod with the kibble table mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774762563 It does the same thing but is updated with new dinos. Kibble vending mashine is outdated by far and won't get updated anymore.
  8. Lets spice thing a bit! extinction core

    Im all for it. Played some weeks on servers with extinction core and loved the challenge. In pve you usually have no real dangers after some days and it starts to become boring. With extinction core there will always be some weird things to kill you

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