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  1. Very interesting view from an admin. If I understand correctly you say, " get what all new players want as long as they are not to big" I have one very serious question to you. How many hours do you have in this game?. ARK that is. Shin
  2. Anyone who voted for this who can explain why its needed.? Seriously, just wanna know. Shin
  3. Please. Anyone give me one good reason why this is needed. So many ways to kill yoursell in vanilla even and you want this to add to the load of your game? We dont even have pefinder, but a suicide potion is needed... I can suggest 25-30 mods that everyone will like and vote for, will they be added then? I would propose a max amount of mods... a new one in means an old one out.. In my very personal opinion all mods needed on any ARK server is S+ and Autmated ark. Shin
  4. mods

    I agrre with OP, there can be to many mods. And is not the server that is usually the problem. It's the client side that lags down. Mods tend to eat RAM, load times gets way longer, game lags, timeout disconnects. So people like me, the casual gamer, that does not have the latest in GPU and RAM will get problems. What I think is important is the choice of mods. I've seen a lot of severs with mods doing more or less the same thing. And as for the meatspoiler. Really redundant since they added the "split all" option in the inventory. Shin
  5. How much is needed for 6 or 12 months on an ark server?
  6. The only game I play here is ARK. There is sooo many things you can do there but as always they take time from admins. Many videos on the tube about it. Examples are. Dodo Toss: Build a "dartboard" and a platform next to it. Toss your dodos to get ponts. Races: Make races with specific creatures. Just from pont A to B or over a specified/marked track. PvP Races: Same as above but enable PvP during the race so you can stop your opponents Arena fights: Last man standing or one on one. Set a specific area for the fight/build an arena/get one of the mods. Mazes: Build one yourself or get the monkey maze mod to help out. This is just what pops up right now, sure I remember more if I think about it. Shin
  7. First I want to make clear I'm not complaining or anything. Some people tell me a sound like a grumpy old man when I write in english.. Just trying to find a somewhat permanent home and low population quite often leads to server shutdown or huge changes in settings/mods. Been doing ARK for 3,5K hours so far and don't plan of stopping this close to final release. Anyways, I was ingame all saturday/sunday between about 06.00 and 22:00 UTC+1. And I'm on some hours every weekday between like 18:00 and 22:00. (might sound like a lot but many hours is afk while taming) Pretty much alone the whole time. But I dis see that there has been a lot of new players since tha announcment of Ragnarok becoming official DLC. So, I'll stay for now and hope the community grows. I like trading Shin
  8. Hi all New player/member here. Been on ARK Ragnarok server for a few days and it seems very dead. Its been only me and noone else. All bases I've seen can be demolished. So my question here is.... Is there any point at all playing ARK in this community? Any life on any map? Shin