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    Requesting help

    Hmm to make it better the community and the servers on JR . Well I did not play all other games form the servers list , well to make it plain and simple , we need to make it just like befor , if we change all of it well then all the players will just wanna play that specific type of game , in other words , we need to pay attention to the players and theyr feedback , i am not that good at this type of stuff to be honest , i like it how it is now , well a little changes yeah maybe but not to many In my eyes all is good with the community and the servers as well, the thing is that players they all the time want more and more till they get board of that and then they want again something new and the same story again . For my opinion all is good here and i like it as well
  2. 313

    Me and 313

    Nice one mate hehe good times
  3. 313

    Meat spoiler in ark

    Hmm True Emma as you say it , its easy as well , i was just giving a option plus the music is nice to dance one heheh
  4. 313

    Meat spoiler in ark

    Hello all my name is 313 and i joined the Ark server Ragnarok after some talk last night i was told to put a suggestion here about a mode , called Meat Spoiler it look like the industrial girll only smaller and its green , it spoils meat really fast so we can make narcotics really fast and when its turned on it plays a nice music to . Hope you guys found this intersting as well ( sorry for my bad English , is not my native language) Have a nice day ahead and keep surviving ;P PS not sure if its ok but i wil post a link form Steam workshop so you can all read about it there https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=569786012