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  1. Nice pitty they're removing treasure chests though, but I guess it was too OP ye...
  2. Zaranza

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    I Rule all Viking Lands from my Throne!
  3. Hey guys! Got 2 situations to report that should be fixed. First is the Iceworm Queen not spawning. I digged a bit in google but got no answers. Some ppl say it's not in the game yet, others say the spawn in random, and others say it has to do with mods but found no details on which mod can be causing this. Second is the area where you obtain the artifact of the devourer which is needed to enter the Megapithecus arena. It is totally crowded with Tusotheutis. Not sure if it's supposed to be like this or if it's a spawn bug. Can you check this out? I'll try to dig more on the
  4. I agree with Shin. I also don't want the servers to become very easy, else the challenge is gone and with it the motivation to play. But I don't think reducing the breeding time would give any advantage since you'd still have to wait the same time to breed a female again. It would just give people more time to do other things. The mods that make the game easy are already there: kibble table, taming sedative, unblocked Tek from start, etc. I used to play in a PVE server 10x that had none of this. Only S+, suicide potion, personal grave and increased stacks, lower weights, lower time to bre
  5. Not sure if this helps but I think most people would agree on increasing stack size only on items that degrade over time, like prime meat, honey, organic polymers, etc. These 3 being the most helpful IMO.
  6. Hello Emma, The stack size and item weights can be changed via server configuration (as below post), so this change wouldn't add any extra mods https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/98514-configure-item-stack-sizes-and-weight-via-configuration/
  7. Hello all, I'm not sure if it's only us (Vikings) since we come from another PvE server where stacks were bigger and weights were lower, but we've been struggling to farm anything properly since after a few hits you're already loaded. A few examples: - Went for a ride with my wyvern and came back full of prime meat..... in our previous server we'd put it in the fridge, in this one we just drop it since it will be gone in a few minutes anyway. - We had to make a second base near resources (more units, more lag) so we can farm metal, obsidian, etc, since the weight of materials is
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