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  1. Currency mod

    Sounds good to me too. A currency mod would be nice.
  2. Ark server review: modifications

    I am with you. I do miss this mods too: Automated Ark Awesome Teleporters Dino Pick Up Dino Tracker
  3. New mod

    I love pick up mods
  4. New server suggestion

  5. New server suggestion

    Volcano or crystal island with ethernal or pugnacia mod should be nice
  6. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    to play Survival Plus only Survival Plus mods can be used. I try it out. None of normal mods will work. Also we need to change some settings in GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini. There are 2 Survival Plus additional mods to convert SP to vanilla items [Fiber & metal ingot]. Reusable Grappling Hook or More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 are not working Reusable parachute works Reusable Speer works, but speer bone is better instead of having backpack, we can change PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player for adding more value to carry more items I just play with this settings. I know this to good, but I need to learn. I couldn't find cotton & tin on the server. Maybe you have a better setting to test?
  7. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Yesterday I played couple hours Survival Plus on single player. The game need to be a fresh savegame and without other mods. It's fun, but you can't tame dinos and you have a survival feeling. Only few land dinos can be tamed. I think it is better than a total conversion like primitive plus. And it have features and thinks like primitive plus without any issue I think the mods: backpack, upgrade station, Reusable Grappling Hook or More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 can fit to the mod too. Because they do add additional items to the game and can be build with vanilla resources. We need to test it out. For removing items we can use following mod: Builder's Helmet: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756389708
  8. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I have played P+ on different servers. Hope all bugs with limestones and clay are solved But I like the idea too. Hope we can use some mods like backpack, upgrade station and our supa dupa narc arrows
  9. Near vanilla feedback

    Hi Jamie, sure. I like and I am happy with the current status of the mod setup. There could be more nice mods for the server, but that's Ok right now. I am playing on your servers because of the mods. I played a lot on Vanilla servers. There are OK, but with no fun. I moved all my stuff to SE, because of the issues I had with the Ragnarok server. The new one looks good, but I do not want to risk again to loose time ann resources. The game is now in production, but still with bugs. Hope you will setup a server for the new upcoming DLC map.
  10. Ark server usage poll

    I play on SE to farm resources and tame for better dinos.
  11. Mod request for better narcotics arrows

    so nobody liked this
  12. Mod request

    would be nice
  13. Mod requests

    With the Upgrade Station you can do what you need. The only advantage of the better drops is for new players lower then Level 210.
  14. Mod request: tamable alphas+

    Of course it would be great to tame alphas and to have more it on the maps. Name: Tamable Alphas+ Url: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651584871 Description: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/651584871/351660338694956827/
  15. ... I like this mod too. What is your opinion about it? Name: More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 Url: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754885087

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