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  1. Not had chance to give it a go as yet, happy on current Ragnarok server tbh, been over to scorched earth over the last couple of days to get a phoenix or three ;o)
  2. Jonesy


    finally tamed the Phoenix, and brought it over to Ragnarok... ;o)
  3. if it's not too big (mod wise)..... why not looks useful ;o)
  4. I play mostly on the PVE Rag server, however I did play on the PVP center map when that was available, unfortunately not many peeps fancied it - but it was fun while it lasted ;o) I would like to see other maps introduced if the consensus supports it..... why not ;o)
  5. this is my current plan of how to do this..... is it total rubbish? and is there a better way ? ;o) This is based on using a tek transporter ;o) - leave old char on old server - create new char (as a temp to get things moved across) - find a safe initial base place - upload dinos and content from old server to new server and download with new char - place items in pin coded storage - when all dinos moved to new server set to unclaim in safe base area (with pin coded door) - finally return to old server to upload orig character - download old character onto new server and become that character - then claim all dinos, unlock storage and replace with new - replace base doors with new. that a good way or a crappy way? I have no idea.... ?
  6. hehehe is there an easy way to get to an ob..? died about 6 times trying lol
  7. Frank, c'mon fella, it's pants but it's the same for all of us..... if you go elsewhere you'd be starting from scratch anyway at least here you'll have the help and support of the admins and the community you know already.... you know this is a last resort but its has to happen. They're trying to sort a shitty problem best they can. stay dude and chin up ;o)
  8. can someone clarify how this works before i totally mess up ;o) do we upload & download our characters each time we want to move anything across? cos if you make a new char, that'll own the downloaded stuff on the new server - apologies just done this before like this.... just want to be sure of the process
  9. not sure this is the forum for this (but other players maybe be wondering too) how do we save/upload structural/material contents - not done it before ;o)
  10. when we move over characters etc does everything stay the same? or do we have to enable all engrams again?
  11. great the sooner he better so we start the migration ;o)
  12. go Sat 12 - Sat 19th and would appreciate that ;o)
  13. i understand, just unfortunate timing for me as im away in cornwall all next week ;o(
  14. not sure, I've sadly had two crashes this pm... not just local the JR server restarted also.... latest was 16:50pm ish
  15. good stuff..........just wish they'd fix griffins falling through ceilings, floors, foundations, actually even the world in some places...
  16. Congrats fella, was a worthy winning shot!
  17. This sounds like an interesting experiment. I personally rarely play PVP 'cos I play solo so much of the time and like to build etc my own way. However the prospect of giving this new idea a go does appeal because of the monthly change of map/mods etc.. I agree with Harpik that the rates should be set fairly high (at least for the first month as a test) to allow quick progression and make base building worth while.. otherwise everything will be wrecked on day 2.... I would also recommend small assistance mod's like meat spoiler, kibble table, tranq pike etc as they help speed up progression also and it's fair if everyone has access to mods like these from the start. As i mentioned i'm not the most experienced in PVP so hopefully I can try and team up with a group for the first time too... may survive a bit longer that way ;o) sounds cool, looking forward to trying it out.... hopefully the mods list will be out later so we can take a nosy and possibly give more feedback...? my twopenneth ;o)
  18. Jonesy

    alpha battle

    argy alpha wyvern scrap... nearly forgot to add an entry so took my argy to the scar to see what kind of pics i could get.... found an alpha wyvern so decided to wreck it's face ;o) .... also added some weird shots of a drop from underneath the world. c'mon everyone add some of yours! - you must have some great shots to show off !!