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  1. Harpik

    This is a test

    completely ignoring it now
  2. no to anti theft mod i love pego army on pvp only thing better than that is troodon army in the cave. dont think there is any need for bore watter on the center it rains there every few mins RAWR beacons is a good idea . also like idea of reducing dmg to structures during the week if we are playing without ORP if the taming rate is raised to x20 than no other taming mods are needed you can tame all with prime in few mins Tribe size reduced to max 3-5 and consider do we play with or without alliances.
  3. If its 1 month only server than rates minimum x10 exp/harvest x20 breeding maturation taming reduced respawn radius for resources to 0.1 gamma disabled is a must
  4. You can lvl your dinos by parking them close to your manufacturing station they get exp when you make stuff
  5. Harpik

    Requesting help

    well Jamie it looks like loads of servers for other games is empty all the time. If that was my baby i would like that other kids would play with it. So it would make sense to check with other kids what they like to play and teach my kid how to play it
  6. Hi Jamie, Tested the server yesterday all run smooth with no problems. I had an issue when traveling between servers , I get DC during loading screen or after picking spawn point each time I travel and than need to re join the server i was traveling to.
  7. Difficulty and server settings as they are seem fine. Only thing i would like changed is the resources respawn radius as i don't like the desert look of the base surroundings. In my opinion the mods make it way to easy (kibble station I'm looking at you now). If we are considering starting new server I wouldn't mind nice primitive + PVP or (PVE with optional pvp) server with close to none mods (s+ and stacks only maybe ORP)
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