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  1. hey guys and girls since the kibble table is gone and the wild dino lvs are increased its hard to tame dinos without kibble because of the rates so i wanne suggest this mod u can make the kibble but u need 5xrare muschrooms 5xrare flowers and a 1 random dino egg to make 1 kibble
  2. i hope u can get the dinos up to higher lv going to start and play again and woud love it
  3. i think it woud be cool to get on the server
  4. ok tnx jamie ure servers are still the best i know
  5. hey guys i was wondering if u coud up the wild dino lvs to 150 just like ragnarok i woud love to see some higher lv dinos then 120
  6. i mean 10 sorry 10 is a f1 car
  7. hey i was wondering when some of the mods will be coming on the server i know u need to do some stuff to do it
  8. i woud like this mod it seems nice but its still up to jamie
  9. Can we get a poll for this jamie ?
  10. u need to select the first option on the obilisk left from the creatures there u can put items in to travel along the cluster
  11. will you upgrade the obilisk so we can get more dinos trough at a time or will u keep the other server for like a couple of days so we can get the stuff moved ?
  12. toxic

    Server ark

    hi jamie server keeps crashing and resetting can u take a look in this as fast as u can pls and tnx
  13. hey guy so i saw the people of gaming eveolved using the king griffin mod it makes it so u can breed griffins and i think people will love it so i hope u put the mod in greetings from toxic
  14. i woud love to see these mods in the server and i think other people will agree with zaranza
  15. toxic


  16. toxic

    Nice sunset

    From the album: toxic

  17. when is the ragnarok server coming online ?
  18. hi everyone i am new to the server and i love it and i realy like to breed dinos but i think its a bit slow so i am asking if u maybe can up it a little bit so it wont take to long