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  1. New structures and more alphas

    wanted to request a couple of mods I thought some people would be interested in, one is castles keeps and forts medieval architecture. ID (764755314) mainly so we can build some cool looking things (plus I'm not great at making building look good xd) and another is tameable alphas+. ID (651584871) would be cool to tame some alphas, although not sure if they are overpowered or not, if they are then I'm sure there is some way you can tinker with them
  2. Mod requests

    just wanted to recommend a couple of mods to things slightly easier. A xp potion mod to level those dinos that aren't the best at killing things (mod id: 791533672) and a mod that makes the higher tier drops better since they still seem to be bad :/ (mod id: 771136807)

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