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    Firstly I would like to apologize for not being able to figure out where the ban appeal section is. My IGN in minecraft is TUTTI_MAN619, I don't know if many of you are around from my time but I was banned 5years ago for things I don't remember but was probably just arguing with staff and cursing at them. Why am I back? To be honest I was on an old computer that I used for Minecraft and thought of looking up Jr craft and I dunno if it was JrNetwork then but it's so cool to see it's still running and has expanded into other game servers at the same time! I found a few old threads with my arguing with staff and honestly I laughed because it's funny to see how I was so long ago and see what I said, It was reminiscent in a way for me. I found the owners name is Jamie which I still remember. Now my account on the network and Minecraft(I think) is still banned and if you want to keep me banned there I have no complaints at all. I don't know how many years i haven't played Minecraft for and I don't have my own computer to play it even. I will however like to appeal my ban just so when I do get my computer sometime soon that I have a game to past time with and also just so I could browse this website every now and then. I'm sure if any of you remember me, are cautious about weather or not I should be banned and you have full right to be cautious of me. I will therefore apologies on the things I did and what I said for me to be banned, I don't know exactly what I said therefore apologies for it all. What will I do if I'm unbanned? Well I don't currently own a PC anymore to play so I won't even be on the Minecraft server(As I'm writing things I just remembers that is there even a server anymore?) But I will probably just log on here with the email address associated with my Minecraft Account and not this one. When I do come on the Minecraft Server it will just to be to play a bit of Survival and not cause a lot of controversy like before. To conclude I am sorry for everything I did I think 4-5 Years ago and hope to play when I get a chance. -Regards, TUTTI_MAN619

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