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  1. Ark - the beautiful island

    So GUY`s nearly another 400 hours on ur Server see what i have done.......and everything Bug Free! VISIT me or better build ur VISION
  2. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Guys DONT use Primitive+ ..........its bugged as Hell .....its just sad but this mod has never been finished by the Ark DEVS. Alot of Engramms are bugged and not active,the building functions are bugged to.
  3. Hey Jamie 

    some Workshop update needed on the Ark Island Server.

    thx for the update


  4. Ark Island Server

    YaY Quetzal Spawn today
  5. Ark Island Server

    Chris sorry but still not a single Quetzal on 'The Island Map ....can u do something pls,? I dont think something is broken ,they just dont spawn . ty
  6. Ark Island Server

    Hello Chris Can u pls restart the Server with Wild Dinos Reset. They are no Quetzal available .... im alone on the Server and searched now for 4 days. TY
  7. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    Allright guys im out stupid ARK game has been deinstalled....GAME FUN ZER0!!! Transfer need HOURS !!! so f*** this Game...there are better games out there
  8. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    tell when its happen i come and grab one
  9. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    Man u know i love this game (2400playing hours ) but need to do so,e anger management now....let me think about a night.
  10. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    No but i putted around 250 playing hour on the server ......so its to much to restart again and having the risk of a repeat of this.
  11. Ragnarok - crashing issues

    I Understand this but i dont wanna build again 6k Foundationst and painting every s*** ....so good bye
  12. ARK Survival Evolved - Server Crash Fixes

    It seems u got it....Server running much better now
  13. ARK Survival Evolved - Server Crash Fixes

    cool thx a lot
  14. Mod request

  15. Mod add for ark ragnarok

    Nope !

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