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  1. Hmm sorry there are still no Server available 😎
  2. Hello There Ark Server not responding since Yesterday, Anyone can Check it ? .
  3. Nope Server still resetet ,,,,,,it looks like everything is gone again . Server Day is 15 it was arround 4500, IDK whats happen but yesterday after the Workshop Update everything is gone,
  4. Tested now......still no Structure anymore.....everything is resetet.....
  5. Hello Guys Ragnarok needs ur Help after the Workshop update,😥 Can u upload the Save File ? 😎
  6. I have have an error during login it says "Failed to load Mod map" Checkt my Local Files on Steam, No Errors, It seems that one of the mods gets removed from the workshop does this you have to find which one it was and remove it from your server. I Deleted all mods on my PC. I cancelled all abonements. The Problem is still there. I tryed to Login on the Abberation Server and no mods download happens. Only the Error. It could be the first one ......with the number 1286452614 check if it still on Workshop.
  7. Aberration needs an Update ! Modpack is not updatet
  8. he has everything what he need now , me 😂 He just need to level a bit faster .........the mods and server settings are so if u craft a lot in the beginning u should leveling really fast. Start to build with higher tier like stone or metal asap.
  9. M They give a s*** on ur playing hours ....i played over 2,2k hours on the servers and i had 2 resets ok.
  10. Guys the Imprinting System has changed u cant Reach 100% with this Maturating Speed. Needs to be lowered a bit, From WIKI For private server owners, high dinosaur baby maturing speed can make it impossible to reach 100% on imprinting some kinds of dinosaurs. It is suggested to learn about dinosaurs' maturing timers from Breeding page before adjusting the multiplier.(and 1.5x, 2.0x events)
  11. Island OLDMAP - Its Obviously that Smilex and me are the only 2 Players on the Map - I have done 90% of the achievements there and invested about 700 hours on building and painting stuff. I had the idea to do some day little advertsing clip for the JR ARK Servers. So if have to move cause of closing that Server , i need more then 1 Week to move the stuff on another server. pls consider that. my last building
  12. Upgrade Station is just Awesome.......i used it a lot ......and the level 210 is in my opinion right .....its just an endgame mod whos help a lot for boss fights - surviving and ascension....pls dont remove it i would cry. If u need some examples what Upgrade Station can really do 4 u tell me and i will post some example with pictures. Upgrade Station is to strong for early Levels so the Level 210 activation is really ok.