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  1. Man u know i love this game (2400playing hours ) but need to do so,e anger management now....let me think about a night.
  2. No but i putted around 250 playing hour on the server its to much to restart again and having the risk of a repeat of this.
  3. I Understand this but i dont wanna build again 6k Foundationst and painting every s*** good bye
  4. It seems u got it....Server running much better now
  5. Omg how many restarts on Ragnarok today and rollbacks this makes the game unplayable atm sry its just annoying and a big waiste of time. in 1 hour the server restartet 5 times !!! i was imprinting a Dino he keeps cause of the saves and new restarts on 70% im just angry now cause of 2 hours of waisting time . One more and i leave the Server . Doing the same thing for 2 hour and redoing it after server start makes people just angry. And after this waiste of time im going unsatisfied to bed.
  6. Hello Jamie Cant loggin Server cause of the update. Can u pls update the server? thx a lot