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    Frank T Hack reacted to Jamie for news, REND Server - WE have one!   
    JR has jumped ahead of the curve and setup a rend server. Due to current server flaws with the REND server we can not query a REND server for our server list or give an IP to connect as you can not direct connect!
    Well how do I connect? 
    Easy! Search [EU] JR-Network  in the server browser.
    If you have any queries please go to our discord at https://discord.jrnetwork.net and post in #gameserverhelp
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    Frank T Hack reacted to Jamie for news, Ark Survival Evolved: 264.32   
    While I don't think this update will fix all the crashing issues I believe it will help.
    Chris and myself are still coming up with solutions. It seems only to happen when something is activated, moved or flown. We are still trying to pin down the source. Any players to replicate the crashing bug please contact me directly right away!
    Latest update patch notes:
    - Fixed SM4 sky
    - Fixed client chat issue
    - Fixed TheCenter landscape material issue
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    Frank T Hack reacted to Jamie for news, ARK Survival Evolved - Server Crash Fixes   
    Recently we have had some issues with our Ragnarok server crashing. 
    I hate when our servers give us trouble, a fix would have been pushed earlier but unfortunately work has got in the way for me. Anyway on to todays update.
    There was seemingly a few issues that were causing the crashes, so good so far since the update I have pushed.
    Updated ACM Fixed a few small bugs with our restart and update script Fixed issue with server OS Removed classic flyers test totem Removed Wyvern mating due to issue with over spawning If you have any other issues with the server please contact us using the help center: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/
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    Frank T Hack reacted to Jamie for news, Ark Survival Evolved - Server Change   
    To keep JR's ARK servers running as good as we can we have moved them to a bigger and better server. The old server has now been retired for our new server.
    Tech Specs
    Intel i7 6th Gen @ 4.4Ghz 64GB DDR4 RAM 480 GB SSD This server should help with the following
    Faster crash recovery, if a server does crash it should be online within 3 minutes. Faster boot up times, things will update and boot up way way quicker Better ping, better connection and better DDOS protection Quicker login times Is all our stuff safe?
    Yes we have moved everything over from the old server How to connect to the new server?
    Click on the following:
    The Island: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27015 The Center: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27017 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27016 Ragnarok: steam://connect/vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27018 OR visit https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list and click on the green ip. It'll auto log you in.
    We hope this will help and improve your JR experience!
    Recently we also had a issue with the map resetting, we should have fixed that bug and reverted some servers to a backup which its happened to, if it happens again please message me right away!
    Bug fixes still in progress:
    Issue with Levelling Crashing bug that happens every now and again  
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