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  1. Privacy is always good. and it protect alot of things in servers/real life/ and etc.
  2. I will try to search one of those days to find those mods and i will post again here
  3. I would like to see what i have saw in the custom server i play wich i mean everything Custom/random i mean not the original stuffs not original maps and etc perks alot of them and having fun(btw in the server im playing theres a VIP system wich here there wont be any since JRN is 100% free and no vip and etc stuffs) so i will check what VIP gives and i will tell you to put them as normal things for everyone!
  4. Hello Team of JRN, I would like to suggest a idea, that idea is to create a KF2 server, so theres 2 option to make a Good KF2 server!! let me tell you. 1: If you want to create a Normal server wich is mean, Original maps, Originals perks, and originals players slots wich is 6 for the survival mode and weekly or VS survival wich is 12 players ( 6 zombies and 6 humans) wich all of them are real players. (by the way there are some servers that kinda costumized with normal everything exept the slots are more example its not 6 but 12 but i dont reccomend that cause it destroy the original thing! 2:Wich is what i would like to see from JRN Onwer, A custom server with costum perks/levels/maps/slots and it will be survival mode but with what ever slot you want!!! so im playing in a costum server in kf2 wich is really good and if you want ideas from it i can give you alot (this server took things from workshop so its not copyright or anything since he use things from workshop and its not onwed by him(the onwer of the server i play in KF2). if you want i can put photos to see the diff beetween the costum and the original stuff. that is for now!