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  1. The problem keeps happening... The same again today!!!
  2. Sorry for posting again, but i think we have the same problem again.
  3. Hello! The Ragnarok server seems wiped. I could spawn my character with the right name and stats but nothing else was there (buildings, dinos etc) Not only for me but for the other players around me as well. Also the day counter seems to be reseted.
  4. I think our pivot should be a quetzal or sth like this. Rare dinos should have longer intervals.
  5. Yes you're right Chris. No one wants such load and render difficulties. I'm sure you'll come back with something. About 12 hours or more is good. I haven't cosidered the mass breeding and the entities it will add. I also don't run a high end gaming pc. It's true.
  6. Ok. You convinced me. I will try it more. Thanks for the reply. If you want move this topic pr delete it. Thanks again.
  7. It's not only me... I'm saying that except discussing only what we want to add and add and add we should suggest the what we want to remove also. Imo the castles mod is not very much useful since we have s+. Sorry for my English... I'm greek and not a native english speaker. What I'm saying is not a suggestion to the administrators but more of a suggestion to all the community. Me personally I'm ok with the mods so far (except the castles)but that's only my opinion. The subject i wanted to raise is that if we always aski g for more mods without thinking what we don't use we'll end up with long log in time.
  8. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right since it's my first topic, so please admins feel free to change anything you think incorrect. I want to raise an issue: Right now our server runs 17 mods (if I'm not mistaken), sometimes the loading time is long, or even some mods have caused bugs, crashes etc. So how about, except for voting for new mods we start to talk about which mods are useless or not necessary. So that we can add new mods according to our suggestions without ending up with a heavily moded server that takes ages to connect.
  9. I tottaly agree. Something about 3-6 hours would be great. Especially in PVE where you don't breed dinos to fight with other players.
  10. Ok. Now you ruined my vacations!!! I will break up with my girlfriend and go back home to play...
  11. Don't know if this is the right topic to ask, but i get this error!
  12. Hello again. I think the new server needs an update. I can't login due to "mod newest version etc."

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