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  1. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right since it's my first topic, so please admins feel free to change anything you think incorrect. I want to raise an issue: Right now our server runs 17 mods (if I'm not mistaken), sometimes the loading time is long, or even some mods have caused bugs, crashes etc. So how about, except for voting for new mods we start to talk about which mods are useless or not necessary. So that we can add new mods according to our suggestions with ending up with a heavily moded server that takes ages to connect.
  2. I tottaly agree. Something about 3-6 hours would be great. Especially in PVE where you don't breed dinos to fight with other players.
  3. Ok. Now you ruined my vacations!!! I will break up with my girlfriend and go back home to play...
  4. Whooo! Many fixes! Well done!
  5. Don't know if this is the right topic to ask, but i get this error!
  6. Hello again. I think the new server needs an update. I can't login due to "mod newest version etc."
  7. I have started transferring. Well done. The new aerver seems ok and the free transmitter helped alot. Thanks.
  8. It's the classic message "connection to server timed out" or something like this. Any ideas?
  9. The old Ragnarok Server is kicking me out again and again. What can we do?
  10. So, i suppose we are ready to start transfering..!?!?!!?! Well done!
  11. Ok, understood. You have my full support!
  12. I don't know much about servers. Can't you just "copy" everything to a new server. What do yo mean by "map bug"? We can't play on Ragnarok map?
  13. Hello Jamie and thanks for the good work. I think you need to update some mods because i can't log in the ragnarok server.