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  1. Awesome so far, Karm and Am don't have accounts here quite yet but they also thought it was a good idea when I told them this afternoon, how much more feedback do we need to poll it?
  2. Seems like a good plan to me, It's a lot easier than trying to build 1000 elevator tracks that's for sure.
  3. So essentially this mod is just aesthetic, as with most of the Eco mods out there (Camping, Stable, Ext.) but with one of the mods on the server currently (Castles and Keeps), I feel like it may make the most sense to have in a way. The keep items cost a lot of metal and stone to make and that's only per piece, and while we do have Eco's tek decor and it's very nice, it looks a little out of place when you're building and trying to furnish an old style castle. And when it comes to castles there's also only so much that you can do with the decorations that come with advanced rafts. So I feel like having something like Eco's RP decor more focused on furnishings in the medieval period would make sense to have for people who actually want to make castles and it would make the building costs of the castle a little more worth while. But it's just a suggestion so I thought I'd put it up!
  4. I'm gonna be a bit, keep getting kicked from ther server
  5. That would be helpful for me and my brother as well, if we could have one! I have issues flying without crashing at the moment @Chris
  6. Anyone have the discord link? Wont let me join with the old invite code
  7. Hey Jaimie, good on you guys for finding the problem and working on a fix as fast as that! Anyhow, I'm a little nervous to start moving my dinos without my tribemates on the account on the crashing that happens to me a lot...more so because my computer is a basic potato when it comes to games, I was wondering how transfers work and how we know which server to transfer to? I'll have to wait for my Tribe but we've never done it before so it'd be helpful to know. and can items go with us as well?