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  1. Oh, thank god, They were right about "soft-core" survival I guess. I'm pretty excited to see if they do anything new with the building other than the "build anywhere". I love the idea of making a massive base with loads of defences.
  2. If it's an option I'd definitely play PVE pretty much all the time, dealing with people on games like RUST is just something I don't want to do.
  3. What are your thoughts on Fallout 76? I'd like to start a little discussion/debate.
  4. How ya doin'? Also, if you got the title reference you get instant Qwerty respect +10
  5. Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise
  6. That is why you don't get stickers Robbie... It is not 69 nor will any number I ever choose be 69.
  7. Saying it once again, I have today, then it's back to normal. No more freedom for this guy for a while.

  8. *sigh* Kind of close I guess
  9. Welp, time for the next one. This one is between 50 and 100.
  10. 1. More community involvement (events) although I am aware we're in discussions on that. 2.Once again I know this is in the making but at the moment, JRCash is being wasted. 3. I have used the ARK servers, TF2 servers, minecraft server, JC3 MP and FiveM 4.Maybe an SCP: Secret Laboratory server or if its even possible, a community Space Engineers server. 5. Only other thought is, couldn't ask for a better owner 😄
  11. I myself am sat down watching youtube with a nice cup of coffee, but how do you wind down?