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  1. I need food and I don't want to choke, see the bloody problem?! xD
  2. Day 3 now, to be honest most of the pain is gone, now my teeth are just incredibly sensitive and I cant really chew with the front of my mouth
  3. Was watching the inbetweeners again, obviously my favourite, and I wondered what other comedy shows people on JR watched. So time to find out!
  4. So today I got my fixed braces as my teeth are, quite frankly awful, and thought I'd talk about my first experience because it has NOT been fun. Really I might be saying this too early as it is the first day but I need to talk. All it has been so far is a LOT of toothache and during the procedure itself the dentist made 3 mistakes that scared the everliving crap out of me. First they ripped out one of the tracks accidentally, then they nearly sliced open my lip with a wire and the third was nearly the same again. I'm gonna need a good amount of painkillers methinks...
  5. Getting really close Leslee!
  6. Who knows how long i've loved you, You know I love you still Will I wait a lonely lifetime If you want me to I will
  7. Warmer but still a good bit off
  8. This reward is 3 diamonds, on MC obviously, and getting warmer Chris
  9. Getting warmer, still quite a far way off