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  1. Sorry about the inconvenience, we'll get the code to you as soon as we can! 😄
  2. I also have a switch and one thing that always confused me is the system itself is only protected by pressing any button 3 times. Maybe in the future they'll add more features to give you more security but at the moment i agree that it's much too open.
  3. QwertyCore

    Fallout 76

    Yep, another fallout review, I was looking back at the game today and realised i hadn't yet talked about it. Let's begin with the beta: Right off the bat they had issues when the beta was limited to certain times that only favoured people in the eastern US. Then, as soon as it launched there was a bug that caused many players to have their game files uninstalled making them reinstall the entire game Moving on to its full release, starting with the preorder bonuses. I decided to go for power armour edition, which turned out to be a very big mistake and I'm sure you've already heard about the West-Tek bags. The gameplay itself was nothing special either, I personally had a very bad problem with FPS which meant whenever I was outdoors my FPS rarely went above 30. There is many more issues to list I'm sure and Fallout 76 was a perfect example of how not to launch a game, especially not a large scale multiplayer game with thousands of eager players waiting for the best gaming experience they've had. If you have any thoughts on the game please feel free to post!
  4. Looks awesome! I really wanted this game and I was kinda disappointed when they said it was only coming out on the PS4 but still that suit looks incredible!
  5. Lets play a guessing game, I'm gonna choose a number between 1 and 100, everyone that replies to this has 1 guess. First person to get the answer gets the prize of satisfaction! Let the guessing begin...
  6. Wew, so close @heaven! Better luck on the next one.
  7. Come down and play some unturned with us!
  8. QwertyCore

    Unturned Fun

    Really it lasts as long as people stay interested for, if nobody shows up it may not happen.
  9. Since its been nearly a month the pain has gone, the only problem now is food getting stuck which gets pretty annoying at times
  10. So today I got my fixed braces as my teeth are, quite frankly awful, and thought I'd talk about my first experience because it has NOT been fun. Really I might be saying this too early as it is the first day but I need to talk. All it has been so far is a LOT of toothache and during the procedure itself the dentist made 3 mistakes that scared the everliving crap out of me. First they ripped out one of the tracks accidentally, then they nearly sliced open my lip with a wire and the third was nearly the same again. I'm gonna need a good amount of painkillers methinks...
  11. First off, this is being made by request of one Gewoonolaf. I am only posting it. He has an issue with the way weight works on the server and would like to know if the weight of all items could be decreased for convenience.
  12. As you may have noticed we recently had a move around in our game servers most notably removing some. This has been done to provide a better experience and focus to the gameservers we provide. Servers removed currently are below: Counter Strike: Global Offensive GTA 5 Left 4 Dead (One and two) Starmade Minecraft hub server Terraria If there is a server we have removed that you enjoyed please notify us and we will look into this. Along with these we have reset the REND server. Also, please allow me to remind you that if you encounter an issue while playing on one of our servers then you need to tell us. You can do this by going to https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list/ and clicking 'Report A Issue'.
  13. Only just realised there's no more Fallout 76 beta times...Dammit...

    1. Chris


      Release time is 5am GMT on the 14th

    2. QwertyCore


      Makes me feel better actually, thanks chris :D

  14. I saw a post like this that I really wanted to share my lyrics on. I then noticed the last post on it was 2013 so I decided it was time to revive it. Anyway, I'll start it. Stop, the love you save may be your own. Darlin' take it slo-ow. Or some day you'll be all alone. You better stop the love you save may be your own. Darlin' look both ways before you cross me, you're heading for a danger zone. DISCLAIMER: All credit for this idea should go to Flaw, I am merely reviving this topic.
  15. He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody, Doesn't have a point of view, Knows not where he's going to, Isn't he a bit like you and me,
  16. Frosty has rebooted the server on it's previous save so hopefully everything should be back.