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  1. So, allow me to explain what I'm here for and why. This is to discuss an early access game called Stormworks: Build and Rescue. The game is available on steam at the moment. It includes an incredibly large map spanning multiple regions, taking place on a fiction isle, the majority of the map is an open ocean though there is a significant amount of islands and bases. There's also a wonderful weather system including fog, wind and rain. Even tsunamis! The water physics are some of the best I've ever seen and include realistic pressurisation for vehicles like planes and submarines. Your health will be threatened by multiple factors, cold, heat, falling damage, getting thrown around during a flight gone wrong, or maybe the recently added megalodon! The goal as a player of the game is to build vehicles to be used for missions or exploration, these can be anything from cars to planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, spaceships and so much more! Though I must admit the game's strengths are in the ocean and the air, the driving isn't the best made though I'm sure this will be addressed in the future. The game also includes a very large workshop filled with vehicles made by other players, these vehicles can have things like radios, autopilot, altitude hold, maps, and some people have even been experimenting with missiles! The game shows a lot of potential with frequent updates and an upcoming update to change the mission system. And let's not forget the multiplayer! They recently added a playerlist including dedicated servers, though it started off quite buggy the multiplayer has become much more stable. Though I must admit framerate has been a running issue with the game overall that will hopefully be addressed in the foreseeable future. The devs have remained active even through this dark time and I cannot wait to see more, I recommend the game to anyone looking for something new!
  2. Pretty good, I have loads of custom songs installed and it's helped me learn quite a few. Only issue is the delay as the signal goes through
  3. As the title suggests, I'm curious at what everyone's dream instrument would be, I mean brand wise, for example, my dream guitar being a Rickenbacker 330/12C63, specifically because it was used heavily by George Harrison during his time in the Beatles, I'd love to hear about other people's and you're free to post pictures with your explanation!
  4. Been getting back into Stormworks and Payday 2 a lot myself, and obviously plenty of rocksmith nowadays.
  5. Its been two years, holy shit! Well, doing a lot better, teeth a lot straighter, after all of this virus crap is over hopefully I can get them off in just under a year.
  6. Come join us on the TF2 casual server for some fun and laughs! (If you're attending, please RSVP so we know how many to expect)
  7. So a little while ago I completed the main story for Far Cry New Dawn and I have to say they made a huge improvement on 5. I'll start off this review with a warning, if you don't want the story to be spoiled for you then stop reading and go pick up the game. Starting off, the story was greatly improved, it was intriguing the full way through and constantly made me want to know what was going to happen next, with it even featuring a lot of cameos from characters from Far Cry 5. The game itself is set after the events of the last game's good ending, when Joseph Seed set off a nuclear warhead. Believe it or not in this game New Eden still lives on, as the good guys! You don't personally play as them or join them, but you do meet with Joseph and his son in an attempt to team up against the new threat facing hope county: the highwaymen. Led by two twins that this game will teach you to hate in every way physically possible. Next we'll look at the new way weapons are ranked. Instead of just being judged on stats and being able to add attachments, weapons are based on a colour that determines their rarity. Grey, blue, purple and finally golden. You have a similar system for vehicles. You are also put in charge of upgrading your home base that is home to the resistance fighting the highwaymen. With these upgrades you'll get perks and access to crafting more powerful weapons. As we move on we'll discuss the new enemy systems too. They also share the ranking system with weapons and vehicles. With the most common being easy to beat and with no armour. All the way up to the golden enemies. They can take a real bad beating and have incredibly powerful weapons, these guys should NOT be messed with unless you know you have the firepower to match. You mostly meet them at the most difficult outposts. Speaking of which, outposts can be scavenged. Meaning you let the highwaymen retake it and you'll get better rewards for taking it back. Another topic that I want to touch on is the brand new expeditions. You'll take a helicopter with a loveable pilot to highwaymen outposts all across North America, ranging from Texas all the way to remote jungles containing massive military planes. Each of these expeditions has a package you have to steal, after 30 seconds a beacon signifies to the highwaymen, "Oh **** our stuff's gone" and they all come in brute force while you wait for the pilot to swing back around. The unique locations and great loot, make this another really nice addition to the game. Although there has been these good points I must touch on something I personally didn't like too much. And it might seem petty or small considering the game. The character face/hair/clothing options. Really couldn't find anything that didn't look kinda stupid as a guy who's meant to be single handedly taking on the massive army. But other than that, my review is finished. My final verdict is that Far Cry New Dawn is a game definitely worth buying. If you're a long time fan of the series and you haven't got it yet now is definitely the time.
  8. QwertyCore


    Are you sure they're inactive?
  9. Jamie is away for a few days and he's unfortunately the only person who can correct this, Until then sadly we can't do a lot.
  10. @heaven if you have an issue make a bug report. Don't make an unrelated reply on an already existing thread.
  11. The new dino has been spawned so this post is closed 😄
  12. So I've played a lot of Subnautica Below Zero recently and I thought I'd share the many many screenshots I took during my time! (This will be nearly all of them so just a warning, there's going to be a lot)
  13. I haven't yet heard from you to get your dino spawned @heaven, do you still need help or has this been solved?
  14. Next time you're on I'll spawn you a new dino. 😄
  15. Sorry about the inconvenience, we'll get the code to you as soon as we can! 😄
  16. I also have a switch and one thing that always confused me is the system itself is only protected by pressing any button 3 times. Maybe in the future they'll add more features to give you more security but at the moment i agree that it's much too open.
  17. QwertyCore

    Fallout 76

    Yep, another fallout review, I was looking back at the game today and realised i hadn't yet talked about it. Let's begin with the beta: Right off the bat they had issues when the beta was limited to certain times that only favoured people in the eastern US. Then, as soon as it launched there was a bug that caused many players to have their game files uninstalled making them reinstall the entire game Moving on to its full release, starting with the preorder bonuses. I decided to go for power armour edition, which turned out to be a very big mistake and I'm sure you've already heard about the West-Tek bags. The gameplay itself was nothing special either, I personally had a very bad problem with FPS which meant whenever I was outdoors my FPS rarely went above 30. There is many more issues to list I'm sure and Fallout 76 was a perfect example of how not to launch a game, especially not a large scale multiplayer game with thousands of eager players waiting for the best gaming experience they've had. If you have any thoughts on the game please feel free to post!
  18. Looks awesome! I really wanted this game and I was kinda disappointed when they said it was only coming out on the PS4 but still that suit looks incredible!
  19. Wew, so close @heaven! Better luck on the next one.
  20. Really it lasts as long as people stay interested for, if nobody shows up it may not happen.
  21. Come down and play some unturned with us!
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