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  1. Mine is the demonic game "lights out". I listened to a youtuber read it and I love it! Although to be honest I like pretty much all horror stories being read out by people. SCP Files are good for it too!
  2. Woke up at 12. Time to do stuff

  3. I made this topic because I never really got the chance to talk about the interest I take in the SCP series. In case you don't know it started as "SCP Files" which were basically....how do I describe it......creatures or objects that the government would express great interest in as they were unusual, extra-torrestrial or sometimes deadly.All SCP's are put into three groups. Safe, Euclid and Keter. Safe is pretty self explanitory, it is a well understood SCP that can be contained with little to no caution required. Euclid is when an SCP isn't fully known and could possibly bear a threat to human life if not properly contained. Keter is an SCP so dangerous that it could create an end of the world scenario, luckily most SCP's are Euclid but that doesn't mean Keter SCPs dont exist... The most well known of the thousands of SCP's is SCP-173 Euclid. A strange statue with some sort of spray paint on its "facial" area. It was recorded that a peculiar mix of blood and fecal matter (crap) would appear in it's containment cell presumably made by the SCP. The most well known part of the SCP is its Weeping Angel-esque ability to only move when not in the direct vision of a living thing. If vision was broken any and all living things in the area would have their necks snap from the base of their skull by said SCP. After these files were created a man by the name of Joonas Rikkonen decided that these files would make a good game. And man was he right.So on the 15 of April 2012 SCP - Containment Breach was born.Since I first heard about the series I have been reading a lot of the files and my god are they amazing! Like SCP-049 Euclid, strange creature that bears the resemblance of a medieval plague doctor. Leathery black skin, a deadly touch, all of his victims are experimented on until they are turned into mindless corpses thirsting for blood...basically zombies. Or SCP-079, self growing computer intelligence, in the game it is actually this SCP that manages to gain control of many of the facilitie's systems making the player have to contact this peculiar SCP to escape. But despite all of these SCP's existing (there are hundreds, I'm not gonna list every single one for pete's sake....), one has always stuck out as my absolute favourite. SCP-682 Keter. SCP-682 is a large reptile-like creature. It's origin is currently unknown and it seems to bear a hatred of all life. It appears to be incredibly intelligent and can be fully communicated with in interviews. However, you may be wondering how it got it's keter title. This SCP is possibly the most dangerous thing on this earth (if it were real that is). Any matter that comes into contact with this SCP gets ingested making it grow bigger, it also has a deadpool element. It can heal from damage. In one of it's many escape attempts it was seen moving and speaking with 87% of it's body destroyed. It is currently held in site [Redacted] in a 5m x 5m x 5m chamber with 25cm reinforced acid-resistant steel plate lining. The containment chamber is constantly filled with acid to prevent it's body growth that could aid another escape. 682 is only still on this earth because there is no possible way of destroying it. The orders for this SCP are that it should be destroyed the moment something with those capabilities is found. If you would like to read these files for yourself then check them out on the website here:http://www.scp-wiki.net/ Thats all from me!
  4. That would be incredible, but would we need the aberration DLC for it to work? Cuz all my stuff is on theisland.
  5. Tom cruise riding a purple elephant through soviet russia while a mutant of hilary clinton and a dressing gown dances to metallica while eating an ultraviolet banana.
  6. I live in the UK, I like Michael Jackson and playing games.......that's pretty much it!

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