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Everything posted by QwertyCore

  1. Warmer but still a good bit off
  2. This reward is 3 diamonds, on MC obviously, and getting warmer Chris
  3. Getting warmer, still quite a far way off
  4. QwertyCore

    Favorite Band

    Aaand topic revival ! Band Name: The Beatles Band Genre: Rock/Pop I suppose Band Origin: Liverpool Favorite song: Any particular reason for liking them? My Grandad, he told me about them and how great they were my entire younger life and eventually I started listening and never stopped. 😋 Note: I did ask if I could revive this topic and I was given the all clear.
  5. We are currently working on a solution to this problem, until then please hang tight! We apologise for the inconvienience but we promise it'll be fixed as soon as possible.
  6. Just got colder , heres a hint: its under 100
  7. You all alright? Hope  so :D

    1. QwertyCore
    2. Jamie


      He is upset due to what happened to me, also he misses my presence. 

    3. QwertyCore


      We all do jamie :(

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  8. Getting warmer but still quite far off
  9. Hope everyone is having a nice day :D

  10. My turn, you guys know the drill, between 1 and 200
  11. Come down, play some MC and relax!
  13. We'll be making a build on MC, feel free to join and help out!
  14. Im just planning to do whatever the hell I find. Explore, build and probably avoiding pvp mostly
  15. Hm, we need something that sounds like it belongs in fallout. Like how fallout already has the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute, Gunners, Raiders, Super Mutants, White Glove Society, Powder Gangers, the Railroad and I think I've named enough lol Just spoke with robbie about it and we've agreed on Libertas (this means freedom in latin) Republic.

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