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Everything posted by QwertyCore

  1. If you're on our discord you may have seen me messing about and putting other faces over jamie's profile pic that he made with http://www.familyguyyourself.com/. I was wondering if there was any others that people might want to see. Just post a pic of the face you want put over it in a reply and I'll try to do it. I would prefer more cartooney faces as they're much simpler than human faces. My previous "work" is at the bottom.
  2. I just use an Iphone 6, reliable and I have an alright case.
  3. Fave film song will always be the Jurassic Park theme by John Williams. Favourite film scene... hmm...I don't think I have one really. Theres none that have particularly stood out for me.
  4. It's a nice name! Always nice to have a change 😄
  5. I did just finish the railway, it runs between two sides of the town.
  6. Shower thought time: In the future the history topic in school is gonna get real damn difficult.

    1. Robbie


      History is easy peasy lemon squeezy. My top and favorite subject. The key to passing the exam is just to cram as much into the questions as possible if you don;t know the answer.

      In my case i read the first semesters history book in the first lesson :L Shame i never put that effort into any other subject.

    2. QwertyCore


      History would be great if it weren't for teachers, the fun subjects almost always get the grinch doing the lesson...

    3. ItsJammehh


      You could teach yourself :P

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  7. There is also an admin shop in progress at the moment.
  8. With lots of great games getting released in the later parts of 2018 I think it's time we went over the bad eggs. Name the worst game you have ever played. Could be from bugs, gameplay, developers. Whatever, just keep it friendly!
  9. As quite a few of you may know in JRCraft we recently began a city build, I thought i'd make this topic to ask if anybody had any ideas of what we could add. So far we have: A main house A bakery (Mine :D) Jamie's House (Built by Sophie) Emma's House Basic road So, share your suggestions! All are welcome as long as they're appropriate Horse Track
  10. My opinion is pretty much described by Chris and snowball.
  11. Took this in Steep on the tallest mountain
  12. I'm not gonna try and get this to 3 lines as I have premium but I think we could add some more variety to survival like factions or prison or OP prison etc.
  13. All of us know at least one scary story, lets share some! 😄
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uOrkwiUHXFIvfYdioOGD0iNzRxpQyoMw
  15. Challenge accepted This good?
  16. For 20 JRCash i'll make you a meme! Not much else to say about this so yeah.
  17. Already pre ordered Fallout 76 which is really the main one I'm actually waiting for, but it's great to see so many promising titles coming out soon. Hopefully it'll bring more notoriety to the gaming industry since it's been pretty quiet. (Except for Fortnite obviously)
  18. Tbh the one i've used for the longest is True Storms. Love it for the weather, otherwise it's really just whatever I find scrolling through nexus.
  19. Yup, Fallout 4 with a whole lot of mods. I took it from a rock on the small cliff face of Fort Strong
  20. Good to hear, if you want the reference, it's right over here: Now you know why it was a reference from me eh?
  21. Oh, thank god, They were right about "soft-core" survival I guess. I'm pretty excited to see if they do anything new with the building other than the "build anywhere". I love the idea of making a massive base with loads of defences.
  22. If it's an option I'd definitely play PVE pretty much all the time, dealing with people on games like RUST is just something I don't want to do.
  23. QwertyCore

    Fallout 76

    What are your thoughts on Fallout 76? I'd like to start a little discussion/debate.

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