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  1. Engrams anywhere

    so that everyone benefits fully, from the game why not allowed this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286452614&searchtext=dlc to avoid switch from server to server. (which causes me quite often crash). This will make some people want to stay fixed and avoid polluting the servers of small bases, here and there. Marxos NB: no dlc require
  2. What's your favourite video game theme?

    "Grey Goo" it's a theme that makes me think of deep space, i can stay on the game menu and fall asleep on it so much that I love it =) I am interested in space and the future science of space because I am waiting for the conquest of the universe of man with impatience this theme makes me want to travel through the confines of the universe =)
  3. Kibble Mod?!

    to find new players to join your servers, you should post an ad on topics like this: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1206350321/2425614539587914249/ for all mods especially those often want =) to make the servers known, Let's also explain that we can go from one to the other with the character, items and dinos. This will give a lot of desire to say also the servers of rate xp/harv/... because it is not too abusive and it gives taste with the crucial contribution of some mod pleasant =) NB: I know it takes time but once your speech on the servers, the site, the discord, ... you should only copy / paste in the other topic of other mod's. if I was better in English I would help you
  4. Mindwipe tonic

    I had some worries in life =) I have not played for a few days but I will come back, but the latest news I always knew not to take 1 level do not use a new mindwipe potion. If this is still the case, could I get my stats back to zero with an order? because it brakes me in a lot of things =(
  5. Abberation mod

    as I said before, I'm for, but the problem is that you have to find mod that will go on the 4 map at the same time so this mod only affects the maps except aberration, it does not make it easy to manage servers to add to one, only to all finally what can I understand about how the management works here =)
  6. Ark Changes 02/03

    Thank you for up dino =D
  7. Mindwipe tonic

    I had actually read about it, I was thinking when doing the ascension that should go but I'm still far away from solo to gamma ascension I will get started on the game to test this =) AFTER test I can craft, harvest, hunt I am blocking at 700,000 experience point, it does not rise anymore = (
  8. Mindwipe tonic

    The Island =) it's my first server and and my first level max character
  9. Mindwipe tonic

    Well here I tested with mindwipe tonic in reserve as all new and it does not work for me = (
  10. ARK Changes 20/02

    the purple is not good, you left the black instead
  11. Ark all server update

    Hello, could you update the server mods please I do not know are joining "the island" or "ragnarok" Marcus
  12. Mindwipe tonic

    just to know when this could be put in place? because I am slow to bring everything to 200 of weight =S I die jumping 5m high ... =(
  13. Aberration-theisland?

    I'm going to follow this topic but to what I saw some mod, are used to bring the resources, animals and engrames (like mini dlc) abberation on any map. But I do not know their reliability. so that the island is more nourished.
  14. Mindwipe tonic

    thank you very much in advance
  15. Mindwipe tonic

    Hello, Good evening, I am doing this message to know if it was possible to add this: We can instead set bAllowUnlimitedRespecs = true in the [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] section of the Game.ini. Mindwipe Tonic so you can use "mindwipe tonic" all the time. I had not seen that since the update v.259 a single potion per level. So, I'm very bad, I'm already maximum level and I do not know how to redo my stats = ( it's a bit annoying in PVE / Solo. My character

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