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  1. I have a question I just reread the rules of the pve ark, but nowhere is the dino boundary of a clan mentioned, is there a limit? because i'm between 200-300 dinos and i'm afraid to slow down somebody with a weak connection. already that my base is imposing and that myself I need time to load it. it's just that I make a lot of reproduction and that I took back the dinos of those giving up. I can not stand the sacrifice of dino =( I give to each newcomer* Marcus (Marxos) @Jamie @Chris
  2. where are we with this new mod selection? @Jamie
  3. for me gaia volcano is a success, I advanced on the server πŸ˜ƒ with the "guardian dutch" another tribe, we are both better advanced πŸ˜ƒ I do not know for you if it would be interesting I hope someday we will bind ourselves to others and put gaia everywhere =D I'm taking advantage of this post to sign that it would be nice to install a resource pack for SE: Marcus (Marxos) NB: personally I am at 3 tree of life armor guardian, total armor is at 30,000 I have tame, many species and they are all for the most part interesting I did not take the seas (there are not many). @Jamie @Emma @QwertyCore @Chris
  4. on which server are you? because if it is on volcano it is already 6 on the other 2 if it does not change of course.
  5. finally, all this is to tell the JR community to avoid this kind of problem in the future
  6. I am currently testing all the mod's together on volcano, there is a big concern about an imminent crash when we mix "pick up" and "gaia" let me explain; when you put a Rockdrake dread pick up on you, it goes no worries, you throw it and then you put it back without worries. BUT if you ever put a saddle on him and you throw him when he is on your shoulder, it will instantly crash the server (I paid for it last night AND STILL NOW = '() that's why when you use pick up try that it is with simple mounts like pteranodons, or other flying (that does not bug), but the big ones like the rock drake will have to be: "to watch" but that said the two mods go well together apart from this little trouble, I continue to play to see if this kind of problem still exists in the future with something else. On this, good for you all Marcus (aka MARXOS)
  7. I understood it correctly πŸ˜ƒ it was a bit of bragging on my part, some even better, but the internet connection is very important. some think that the Ram and the graphics card (kind 1080) are necessary ... it's wrong, I play medium high(GTX1050). I do not seek beauty, but the fps πŸ˜ƒ have a good refresh of the image in Ghz by the processor and good data processing via the motherboard for a better link, a lot of criticism on ARK unfounded because "everyone" think that GTX1080Ti + 32Giga Ram it must to turn ... without thinking that a pc is an ALL
  8. for me it's ok i am in ssd 250 giga ark + mod's, plus a connection at 250 mb / s 16 giga ram ddr4 2400Mhz I have enough power to launch it and maintain it πŸ˜ƒ
  9. What do you think about this @Chris @Emma @Robbie @QwertyCore @Jamie @Dakal
  10. We add dinosaurs, buildings, features for ease. But it would be nice to add skins / armors for the dinosaurs. These three mods correspond to a lack on our servers for a diversity: (Pimp my Dino) - (Saddle Emporium) - (The Costume Shop) - We are supposed to have fun not to run everywhere on the map for skins (that being said it's my point of view) Also no if you still want to add content that could greatly improve the visual basis, I recommend this one: (MRRadTools.INC) - There is of course this kind of mod too; (Craftable Apex Drops) - Who gives the loot's dinos to facilitate the opening of the bosses. All these mod's are intended to value ALL the servers that you with, and not leave out. Marcus - (Marxos/ARK)
  11. yes me too i love it =)
  12. I agree with you in relation to the new map that offers all the resources of each dlc =) which goes very well with gaia = D But it lacks diversity on the island, ragnarok to all species, but it saddens me finally the few people remaining on the game for lack of activity. I would like to add life on the island, which for me remains the best map and the most stable in the long term. there are kinds of mods like these add scortched earth resources "on the map" (only) or add the resources of scortched earth and aberation "on the map and in caves" this gives first visual diversity, as well as a new approach to harvesting areas. it makes you want to go back to the map in search of its resources. That of passing from one server to another with for my part repeated crashes. "it's personal" there are also mods that add diversity to creatures like: add the creatures of scortched earth (except the wyvern, golem and phoenix by that there is no superheat) or add the creatures of scortched earth and aberation (except the wyvern, golem, phoenix, rock drake, giant crab and reaper by that there is no superheat) This mostly adds small creatures, and avoids putting too many big creatures on the map.
  13. after briefly trying a few minutes, I love the difficulty it brings as well as the variety of species = D I have not yet touch the new craft in view of my debut. But it looks bright, I vote to publish gaia on other servers (if it does not conflict with other mod's) I would like to add at the same time that we will be able to do without the mod cross aberation It should also be noted that the harvestable resources of aberation are found everywhere on the volcano. By taking this map (the volcano) with what it brings in diversity of resources, we could do without the server scortched earth and aberation (this is only my point of view) the only good reason for me to keep the other two is that they are official cards, but people do not settle there. And also their environment less bug.
  14. personally I find it necessary to take his time to play the sedatives are long to do but very practical =) we have the tranquilizer arrow improve and also the table has kibble you have to make the dinos families, for the dinos you want to have (it takes up space) in two weeks I have close to 600 Rex eggs to tame the plesiosaur and easily quetzal also do the collector and hatchery for the fertilized and unfertilized egg. Once everything is set up you create a transmitter (TEK) to scan the dino of the map (level + coordinates) I am on the island (Marxos) since day 1. i just tame a gigano lvl 300, perfect tame (I got it at day 1,000+), it's 500 after a few fights it took me some time, but I took the time to play.
  15. the new table is less cheat =) it's interesting to see how it takes some time for some of them with dried meat =) but I'm disgusted because I had to prepare about 50-75 kibbles of each race, made X35 of metal, this makes the party collection in smoke =) but I never ask anything =) it's good to have this kind of mod available so as not to complain as I did =D