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  1. and better than super spyglass
  2. please it's the only one where there is still activity. Marcusf
  3. Peachy Decor
  4. Rp Visual Storage (for a realistic visual storage) or Eco Trees (for a good garden)
  5. 1 - from level 90 is a very long level (increase experience gain), it should also be able to go to level 150 to get the last engram of s +, unlockable at level 135. 2 - reset the levels of the dinos to 300 for more fun. 3 - increase the difficulty because finding alpha lvl 60 (max lvl) is a miracle and they are therefore rare to have the trophy. 4 - before it was possible to take non stop mindwipe potion, now it does not work anymore. (I could only take one) it is linked to a coding line activated. 5 - Titans once tame or Titanosaurus, after a week they die before you activate an order to avoid losing food. 6 - before the taming was in X2 now it is vanilla X1 so early even if we take small levels without sedative, it's a long theri or bronto. (many servers make X3) all this can be adjusted without mod. it was activated before the wipe. @Jamie
  6. it is the tribe that frost (IAMSNOWMAN) has to create on extinction. @Jamie
  7. there is a command that is used to erase a base of a player or a tribe, just by pointing its viewfinder on the construction. (This removes everything the player or tribe has built on the map). because wipe a server means, start over 0 more base dino and more resources. Marcusf ps: command: the first for all structure on map DestroyStructures Description: Destroys all structures owned by all players on the map. AND DestroyTribeStructures Description: Will destroy all structures on the ARK, based on the Tribe owner (or player owner) of the thing that you are currently looking at.
  8. @Jamie I understand quite for classic flyer, but a lot of server with 20 + mod to 9000 days always runs. it's just something I do not understand too much. a team of 4-5 players on ragnarok left a week ago because it was missing this mod and that of upgrading station (for more fun), in just a few days they were already with a big base which 1/3 of the base in tek. it's a shame to lose people especially a big part. I had to talk with a future addition (possible when you have time) where my call today (late), they left for a server with mod creature (primal fear or Ark eternal - something in the genre), hence my call at the level of the dinos to avoid a too big mod. (although interesting. Marcusf something new, other than classic flyer and another this is an interesting mod, making the high level dino spawn, adapt to other mod raising the level of wild dinos.
  9. @Jamie and @Chris where is the future addition of mod? and put back the dinos lvl 300. MarcusF
  10. please re-upload extinction, he si reset again =( TY MarcusF
  11. for ragnarok it's a bug, I already had =), it should not be without worry. (This is due to the cave where we are, the closer you are to the ceiling of the cave, the more you risk getting through). MarcusF
  12. Is that still on? @Jamie