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  1. Hello, Now that the holidays are over, how will the sequel go for the upgrade of the ARK servers, with the mods? As for example add these: Classic Flyer, Super spyglass, More Narc & Tranq, Upgrading station, Dino Pick up and Pearl Converter. These are all small mods, very useful and many people do not come back here because of the lack of some of them. 😭 Because the servers run very well without too much trouble, and no more crashes 😍 and know when the dinos would go back to level 300 in wild =)? 😊 (for more difficulties and fun) Marcus
  2. The biggest problem was "cross aberation" because it was only installed on one map. and he was not a stable mod. for the poll: 😍 Classic Flyer - Super spyglass - More Narc & Tranq - Upgrading station - Dino Pick up - Pearl Converter - CrossArkPlus - (the megalania on "the island" are bug in cave walls. -> so hard to do the megapithecus) this mod is used to transfer APEX items, which can not be transferred from base.
  3. hello, just for update server for mod because it's impossible to get in and it "annoys" me a bit and if possible increase the difficulty because there are players who come but who leave quickly because we do not cross higher than lvl 60. thank you in advance and good Christmas to you all 😃 Marcus
  4. Mammoth - lvl 486/1.5 = 324 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Mammoth_character_bp_c" 324 Argentavis - lvl 504/1,5 = 336 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Argent_character_bp_c" 336 Quetzal - lvl 505/1,5 = ~337 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Quetz_character_bp_c" 337 Baryonyx - lvl 476/1,5 = ~318 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Baryonyx_character_bp_c" 318 Wolf - lvl 922/1,5 = ~615 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Direwolf_character_bp_c" 615
  5. when an admin spawn a dino, he can not touch the stats. you put 5 pictures of the dinos you want (5 dinos xD) and you make a nice calculation for the admin (level / 1.5 = lvl basic)
  6. I have my 5 pictures for my 5 dinos. (where to post them?) just make the level / 1.5 = basic level. and also at the mod's level I understand the principle of starting with 3 add (maybe by month or by week ), but it's a pity that those already stable do not find themselves automatically (S+, Classic Flyer,Tek Helper, Pearl Converter, Dino Pick up, Death Recovery, Super spyglass, Upgrading station, Taming sedative, More Narc & Tranq) They are basic on a lot of server pve, It is especially this list of mod that makes me want to stay. As soon as the server is launched. (Some players will feel frustrated, especially those playing solo). we must also look for a mod stack that goes for all the resources of ark.
  7. 3 mod start S+ Taming sedative Tek Helper
  8. for me those to keep to have the minimum in a "pve": ACM Small ressource stack (we could avoid the mod backpack by putting another stack mod) Classic Flyer s+ Tek Helper Pearl Converter Dino Pick up Death recovery Super spyglass Upgrading station Taming sedative More Narc & Tranq what we do not need immediately: Balanced Kibble ECO's RP Back pack Suicide Potion (interesting to come back) Castle kep stargate world treehomes Craftable Apex (interesting to come back) MRRadtool (interesting to come back) Saddle Emporium Pimp dino Costumer Shop Which is useless with mod s+ on the server Stargate World Castle Keep TreeHomes MRradtool Useless: Balanced Kibble, ECO's RP,
  9. I would like to change my no in yes if what says snow is applied 😃
  10. @heaven if you want 5 top level essential dinos for farm: Bronto doedicurus Mammoth Ankylosaurus Therizinosaurus it's just a suggestion 😃 you have the dung beetle (fertilizer) and the angler fish (collect silica pearl) and thylacoleo (hide/chitin/keratin) if you want a good farm meat, skin, meat fish. takes a baryonyx (it jumps, stun the enemy, amphibian, and heals while eating fish) it is good for the caves the "argentavis" which is redone now and much more useful for the transport of any kind of resources also 😃
  11. Bon je n'ai pas envie d'Ă©crire en anglais, j'ai tous lu et j'ai compris que l'effacement devait ĂȘtre de mise. (cela m'en gĂȘne un peu) je suis d'accord avec snowball pour le travail qu'il a effectuer, c'est juste titanesque et d'autres sont dans son cas, mais sont absent et ne passent que de temps en temps pour Ă©viter que leur base ne soit pillĂ© ou que l'on leur vole leurs dinos, et ne jouent "plus" (plus d'activitĂ© de farm, n'y de tame... etc le gros soucis a Ă©tĂ© je pense et j'en met ma main Ă  couper "Cross aberration" the island a sautĂ© il y a quelques mois avec tout le travail monstre de, "Frank T" a fait avec sa team et le mien (mais j'avais stopper avant) le transfĂšre de dinos qui proviennent d'un mod qu'on supprime ensuite fait bug, freez, et crash Ă©normĂ©ment un/des serveur(s). Car le dites mod en question n'est que sur un serveur et non partager sur tous. Ragnarok n'aillant pas Ă©tĂ© rĂ©initialisĂ© aprĂšs la suppression du mod "Cross Aberration" a fait des crash de plus en plus frĂ©quent car des donnĂ©es sont toujours sur la map (comme des Ɠufs de rock Drake trouver rĂ©cemment par moi en me promenant il y a quelques jours) voilĂ  le gros problĂšme et cela n'ira jamais pour les autres serveurs si vous rajouter des mod's "exclusif", je veux dire par lĂ , que Cross Aberration Ă©tait exclusif Ă  Ragnarok et par ailleurs "Scorched Earth Anywhere" est exclusif aussi Ă  The Island, si l'on le supprime certains dinos sur Ragnarök ou d'autres map comme extinction feront sauter le/les serveur(s) car certains "morellatops" ou autres ont Ă©tĂ© transfĂ©rĂ©. Je sais que le mod "scortched earth anywhere" a servit surtout Ă  remplacer la suppression du serveur (map) scortched earth (cette map ne servant qu'Ă  aller chercher le "phĂ©nix") Car les donnĂ©es "dinosaure-tame, ressource-collect, build-craft" sur un serveur comme the island avec son mod exclusif fera bug un autre serveur comme Ragnarök par exemple le mod stack va sur le mod "scortched earth anywhere" mais n'est pas d'actualitĂ© sur les ressources de Ragnarök les ressources de SC sont en stack basic. Il faut savoir aussi que les ressources, dinosaures et les structures de mod's ont leur ID personnelles (je sais que vous le savez mais pas toutes la communautĂ©) et donc si les dinosaures sont transfĂ©rĂ© qui appartiennent Ă  un mod exclusif ne se pas bien delete sur le/les serveur(s) transfĂ©rĂ© il se passera ce qui s'est passĂ© sur "the island" prĂ©cĂ©demment. (reset) Par rapport Ă  ce qu'a dit Chris derniĂšrement avec la crĂ©ation exclusif d'un serveur pour garder les dinos ou tout autres choses cela n'est pas envisageable.. Car l'on va garder des fichiers corrompus et qui va causĂ© ultĂ©rieurement ENCORE des bugs et crash. Par ailleurs c'est gentil de faire ce genre de geste Il faut pensĂ© Ă  des mod's utiles et qui ne sont pas lents pour un serveur (les mod's fun sont cool, mais qu'un temps) snowball a fait une belle liste et je suis d'accord Ă  95% avec celle-lĂ .
  12. gaia volcano wipe ? the server is 199 days
  13. there is no harm, I know how server management works. Thanks a lot to you 😉
  14. and well @jamie, it's like the last time, millions of resources and all the dinos of the mod gaia lvl + - max tame or invoque = ( the last time, i stopped for X months because I was disgusted, even if the last time you wanted to pay me back I did not ask anything. but when you arrive after X weeks to make a full base in tek completely protect with 10 shield =( you have a little bad ='(
  15. the ragnarok server just got wipe is this possible to recover it?
  16. last night I had to go to sleep and it was put back correctly, but today morning (for me) it's again 6 days, with the night update the server jumps! (well I think) x'(
  17. I thought I would get up early this morning to pick up the most important ragnarok transfer on the island, but nope, wipe again !? = (
  18. I find it good, it's in the style of conan 😃
  19. Hello, the ragnarok server just got wipe is this possible to recover it? Marcus
  20. no idea but two days ago 3-4 new players have arrived settled on ragna but I do not know what makes the server crash, but it is still not fix it's 11days there