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  1. there is a command that is used to erase a base of a player or a tribe, just by pointing its viewfinder on the construction. (This removes everything the player or tribe has built on the map). because wipe a server means, start over 0 more base dino and more resources. Marcusf ps: command: the first for all structure on map DestroyStructures Description: Destroys all structures owned by all players on the map. AND DestroyTribeStructures Description: Will destroy all structures on the ARK, based on the Tribe owner (or player owner) of the thing that you are currently looking at.
  2. @Jamie I understand quite for classic flyer, but a lot of server with 20 + mod to 9000 days always runs. it's just something I do not understand too much. a team of 4-5 players on ragnarok left a week ago because it was missing this mod and that of upgrading station (for more fun), in just a few days they were already with a big base which 1/3 of the base in tek. it's a shame to lose people especially a big part. I had to talk with a future addition (possible when you have time) where my call today (late), they left for a server with mod creature (primal fear or Ark eternal - something in the genre), hence my call at the level of the dinos to avoid a too big mod. (although interesting. Marcusf something new, other than classic flyer and another this is an interesting mod, making the high level dino spawn, adapt to other mod raising the level of wild dinos.
  3. @Jamie and @Chris where is the future addition of mod? and put back the dinos lvl 300. MarcusF
  4. please re-upload extinction, he si reset again =( TY MarcusF
  5. for ragnarok it's a bug, I already had =), it should not be without worry. (This is due to the cave where we are, the closer you are to the ceiling of the cave, the more you risk getting through). MarcusF
  6. Is that still on? @Jamie
  7. @Jamie and @Chris update mod server please, structure+ will continually update soon.
  8. thanks to you, i know there is something similar in a mod, but "it's still a mod =(" I know I'm not the best place to say this, but I help the current players a lot (example gewoon, tribe of vlad "5players" on ragnarok) and past (example @QWERTY and @Emma). i never ask because i am french basic. But I ask here via this message =). is it possible to passed admin / moderator? just for ARK. I have nothing to spawn especially (come see my vault) and level dinosaurs we are the most advanced. (I also help people by offering high level dino eggs fertilized). yesterday on the game I was confused with a moderator (because of the level of my dinos) not that I do not like. I recently stopped the two previous servers or I was moderator (because I play too much here = s). finally, I spend a lot of time writing for communication. I always offered my help, and share this forum to have a better community ARK πŸ˜ƒ Yours truly Marcusf ps: I will continue to be present for other players even if I remain a standard player.
  9. @Jamie little question, do you have our points "JR cash", we could buy items, resources or dinos? (like a shop that rewards the time play =D) I know it does work, but if you tell the new player that the more they play, the more gifts they will have, the more they will come =), right? Marcusf
  10. I go to "my survivors" and the servers do not appear. I go to my favorites, servers do not appear. I guess I lost everything ... @Jamie and @Chris it's ok, just add via steam the server ip to the list of favorites, then connect to it.
  11. not many people are on aberration, rare are the ones I have seen if connecting in the last 2 months. I am ok, for aberration removal Marcusf
  12. There is little player to develop on Ragnarok. (there are more on ragnarok than on all the server groups (but some are new players) our biggest bases are on the island and extinction, and you ask us to choose between those precisely I understand the financial worries if I did not have one too, I will already have to pay money here. but i can only choose the island because our dinos and main resources if found. but on extinction @heaven plays it most often ... hard to choose. go on to extinction and the island and you will understand by seeing our work has been long. the cluster shrinks and that's what made me come here to play our tribe compose of 5 members (4 originally played since the restart @MarcusFaren @heaven @Snowball @Wraith) still hundreds of hours that will be spoiled 😭 as they are new server we will have to start all over again? @Chris
  13. it's not that I'm impatient or that I do not know how to give people time, but after more than a month not even a little poll ... I know that everyone has a life but you lose more and more people, and many only melted in a gust of wind because no admin is connected to ark and even no event. for the event I understand (it's a server pve), but we have not a lot of difficulty, not even the dinos lvl 300 we had before? ... in addition the alpha does not exceed lvl 40-60. (not cool and no fun very easy) I've been here for a long time because I like JR here, but I'm "tired of it". Friendly Marcusf @Jamie and @Chris
  14. I'm not saying that's your case πŸ˜ƒ I say this in eventuality πŸ˜ƒ someone else could have done it, and it blocks the server update. also the increase in dinosaur levels and difficulties would be welcome πŸ˜ƒ
  15. me personally I'm still waiting for the poll for future mods ... and also when a server restart, it is absolutely not necessary to connect immediately, wait until the "days" are put to what they were. I explain: when we are 1200 days, the server restart, and goes back to 1 day for 3-4min before returning to 1200 days. (otherwise we delete the game) it happened to me already. Marcus
  16. The biggest problem was "cross aberation" because it was only installed on one map. and he was not a stable mod. for the poll: 😍 Classic Flyer - Super spyglass - More Narc & Tranq - Upgrading station - Dino Pick up - Pearl Converter - CrossArkPlus - (the megalania on "the island" are bug in cave walls. -> so hard to do the megapithecus) this mod is used to transfer APEX items, which can not be transferred from base.
  17. Hello, Now that the holidays are over, how will the sequel go for the upgrade of the ARK servers, with the mods? As for example add these: Classic Flyer, Super spyglass, More Narc & Tranq, Upgrading station, Dino Pick up and Pearl Converter. These are all small mods, very useful and many people do not come back here because of the lack of some of them. 😭 Because the servers run very well without too much trouble, and no more crashes 😍 and know when the dinos would go back to level 300 in wild =)? 😊 (for more difficulties and fun) Marcus
  18. hello, just for update server for mod because it's impossible to get in and it "annoys" me a bit and if possible increase the difficulty because there are players who come but who leave quickly because we do not cross higher than lvl 60. thank you in advance and good Christmas to you all πŸ˜ƒ Marcus
  19. Mammoth - lvl 486/1.5 = 324 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Mammoth_character_bp_c" 324 Argentavis - lvl 504/1,5 = 336 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Argent_character_bp_c" 336 Quetzal - lvl 505/1,5 = ~337 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Quetz_character_bp_c" 337 Baryonyx - lvl 476/1,5 = ~318 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Baryonyx_character_bp_c" 318 Wolf - lvl 922/1,5 = ~615 spawn - cheat gmsummon "Direwolf_character_bp_c" 615
  20. when an admin spawn a dino, he can not touch the stats. you put 5 pictures of the dinos you want (5 dinos xD) and you make a nice calculation for the admin (level / 1.5 = lvl basic)
  21. I have my 5 pictures for my 5 dinos. (where to post them?) just make the level / 1.5 = basic level. and also at the mod's level I understand the principle of starting with 3 add (maybe by month or by week ), but it's a pity that those already stable do not find themselves automatically (S+, Classic Flyer,Tek Helper, Pearl Converter, Dino Pick up, Death Recovery, Super spyglass, Upgrading station, Taming sedative, More Narc & Tranq) They are basic on a lot of server pve, It is especially this list of mod that makes me want to stay. As soon as the server is launched. (Some players will feel frustrated, especially those playing solo). we must also look for a mod stack that goes for all the resources of ark.